Need assistance graphing vlan traffic on HP J9851A Switch 5412Rzl2

By **lctn ·
I am attempting to use mrtg or cacti to monitor vlan stats on my HP J9851A Switch 5412Rzl2, but not finding the info I need to get this done. Anyone have a good doc resource that can help? Standard snmp stats does not seem to work for vlans.

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Still need assistance

by **lctn In reply to Need assistance graphing ...
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by bradpitt3423 In reply to Still need assistance

Starting in EXOS 12.5 there is support for VLAN statistics and for that there is a separate private SNMP table (extremePortVlanStatsTable)

As soon you have enabled VLAN statistics on a VLAN /port combination you can collect that using the following OID table:


You can use below command for vlan statistics

configure ports [port_list|all] monitor vlan vlan_name {rx-only | tx-only}

But another point to be noted is , vlan statistics will occupy your ACL slice so configuring too many ports can lead to in-sufficient resources . While implementing have a check on your ACL slice resources.

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by briant11 In reply to Need assistance graphing ...

Try going to the headquarters of HP and getting access to their library on switches, you know it will kill the entire race of high IQ switches and reduce your risk of serious brain damage, get it now.

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Helpful answers welcome

by **lctn In reply to Recommendation

So, a person cannot ask a legitimate here question without getting an asinine reply??

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