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Need assistance with recover .dwg file.?

By tomas34idleton ·
This morning I tried to open an Autocad 2006 dwg file and I got a message saying that there was a problem with my file and that I had to try to recover it using the RECOVER command.

When I did this, I got the following message: “Reading Handle 171763 Object type AcDbHatch. Error 13 (eUnknown handle) object discarded”.

10 seconds later Autocad crashes!

I noticed that the error had something to do with hatches so I tried to open my file partially leaving out my hatch layers. The problem is that when I try to open my file partially Autocad opens a new blank drawing and does not even open the window where I can choose my layers. Does anybody know of a way to recover my file or is it lost forever?

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Clarify releases, please

by MissDorkness In reply to Need assistance with reco ...

Are you using AutoCAD 2006?
That release used the 2004 file format.

My suggestion would be to try recovering it in a newer version of autocad (or saving it down to an r12 dxf as a last ditch effort). You can either download a 30 day trial of the current version or download DWG TrueView, which will allow you to save down to older file formats.

I'd also recommend you ask your questions on a dedicated forum for Autodesk software users, you'll get faster and better responses that way.

Best of luck.

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Go through the following set of commands in the order listed:

by donaldreynolds In reply to Need assistance with reco ...

Use RECOVER to open the drawing.
LAYER and unlock, thaw, and unhide all layers (save a layer state first to preserve the current setup).
XREF and remove all attachments.
Select all and then OVERKILL.
Select all and then DELCON.
Select all and then BREP (not for AutoCAD LT).
Set SAVEFIDELITY to 0 (zero).
DGNPURGE (not for AutoCAD LT)
AutoCAD DGN Hotfix for AutoCAD 2013/2014
AutoCAD DGN Hotfix for AutoCAD 2012
-PURGE Regapps * N
-PURGE All * N (if AutoCAD 2015, use PURGE with all checkboxes selected)
Use FILTERS to delete all layer filters (must manually delete in AutoCAD LT using LAYER).
SAVEAS to save a new file or save over top of itself.

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Autocad tips&tricks

by johnfranklin1 In reply to Need assistance with reco ...

AutoCAD has detected some anomaly in the drawing. Instead of trying to open it, select the RECOVER command. It works just like OPEN, but does an audit on the drawing. Usually, AutoCAD determines that nothing is really wrong and you can continue on. If it does find something amiss, it will attempt to reconstruct the data. If it is too badly damaged, the data will be deleted.

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