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Need career advice from you guys about pursuing a career in IT

By hkung ·
Hey guys, I am a recent college graduate from UC Irvine majoring in Economics and minoring in Bio. Like every other college graduate, I am evaluating what my career goals are. Recently, I've been interested in the IT field. Without any computer science background, I am very confused on how I would go about building a good foundation for this career path. ****, I don't even know where to start or whether I should go back to school for IT. What would you guys recommend me getting into for someone who has no coding background and a degree that is unrelated to Computer Science? Are there any positions out there that involves IT and doesn't require a degree in Computer Science or anything that's related?

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First steps

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Need career advice from y ...

The very first step for you if you want to get into IT is to decide which area of IT appeals to you. The IT field encompasses a wide-range of different job duties from coders/programmers to Systems and network admins, Business analysts, Desktop support techs, Helpdesk analysts, Telecom people and so on.

Decide what exactly you want to do then begin researching some entry level training for the field. If you want to code you're probably looking to go back to school for some Computer Science, if you're more interested in the Support/Admin side of things you should start by self-studying for entry-level Certifications like A+ and Network+. These will often help you get a foot in the door as a Helpdesk or Tech-support job which will give you lots of useful experience as you study and work towards more advanced material.

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Use your Economics degree

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Need career advice from y ...

Get a job in a merchant bank. Get on the Forex desk. Make a mint. Become a ruler of the known universe.

Buy a software company. Bingo, you're in IT.


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