Need Career advice

By bsethuraj ·

I'm a mainframe consultant having 5 - 6 years of experiece. All the projects i worked are maintenance projects. Now, my company is not able to get a mainframe project and the mainframe market is almost dead. I have to switch over to a new technology. There is no choice for me. I'm totally confused what technology to choose. Can anyone please suggest me which technology is best for me to learn ASAP considering the current US market?

Thanks in advance

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Some thoughts on new direction

by rich In reply to Need Career advice

Two areas that I would suggest are:
1. Energy management within Information Systems. Data centers and IS departments consume significant amounts of energy. Knowledge and skills in how to deliver these services with less energy is a growth area.
2. Virtualization - This can overlap with item energy management.

Good luck with the new direction in your career.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Need Career advice

BPM is big, so is SOA, security, many others... BI reporting is big, cognos or microstrategy and biz objects are big names. BI is part of data warehousing, which is also big.

the site has e-learning courses for ecm, erm, bpm, others for about $600.

the ieee ( and acm ( societies each have thousands of online courses and online books (oreilly and subset) for the price of joining for a year, around $100.

courses in vb, java, oracle, cisco, m$ products.... has courses too, slightly more $, course in crystal reports, very common in biz. you can buy intro e-learning courses from for about $200 and same for informatica. ibm has a large# of free courses on DB2. all (or many) of IBM redbooks, incl non-mainframe topics are available on their site and on full subscription.

and read-read-read. I prefer online courses as they make you pay attention by asking quick questions every few pages. But I found inmon's book on DW 4th ed incredibly readable. I bump up text size in FF and is easier to absorb, just stick with it. (I read it online on books24x7).

APC sponsors free data center technology courses at, (hosted on global knowledge, about 50 free courses). Even if you worked 'IN' a data center you will learn quite a bit about how to BUILD a data center.

SAP is big. you can take about 8 intro courses on the IEEE / ACM sites, and com2learn has many more detailed elearning for subscription fee. the SAP site has endless videos on how do to stuff, as does m$ site. endless SAP techno forums and vendors hawking conf cd-roms w/ videos, books, etc.

attend webinars in topics that might be of interest.

you can download free bpm modeling tools from the likes of tibco, lombardi, fujistsu... microstrategy has demo disk of their olap cube which is good to try. Download Ruby or Eclipse for free, and write some simple progs. M$ has versions of vb you can download free.

goto sites like or and browse to a specific topic you might be interested in. See if answering the questions of real world people in those topics is interesting to you. And you can learn some about the tech terms for those topics.

and lastly but more expensive, you can attend specialized conferences in whatever topic you are interested in tho more expensive. I'd do the other things first.

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