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    need cgi FormMail to append csv


    by matthew ·

    Thanks All!
    I’m using a server side that supports all the fancy emailing ‘out of the box’ (nms-Formmail) which works flawlessly, for which it was designed, but…

    Problem is, nms won’t/can’t ? save or store!?
    I need it to APPEND to an existing .csv file, output (in an order I choose) one field of info per comma delimit, allowing for the possibility of a comma included in a field entry… (more specifically only the last field called “Comments”) and then end of line or CRLF (or whatever gets it done) so it is ready to accept the next input string or form submission posting. ?!?!?!?
    Ending up with a .csv file that when opened up in a spreadsheet, every “form submission” is on it’s own line and NOT all in one cell !
    I really don’t see why this should be that hard???

    Can ANYONE get it to do this?
    (the London Perl Mongers seem uninitiated for this, they say to use a different cgi called “tfmail” of theirs – but it doesn’t do all the fancy emailings!)

    nms cgi:

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      What is your solution?

      by contactfymbscu ·

      In reply to need cgi FormMail to append csv

      Hi Matthew,

      I am in the same dilemma you posted about at in November 2004. I was hoping you would share your solution with me, if you have one.

      I know of a script that might work for you but doesn’t work for me because I have checkboxes on my form.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

      Have a great day.


      Mark Harrison

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