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    Need CHK-Mate_Full password


    by bau_20050392 ·

    I downloaded chk-Mate_Full software from this site and when I installed; it asked me for a pssword. Does anyone know the passsword??

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      by bau_20050392 ·

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      Download from here

      by bizzo ·

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      The free version of CHK-Mate can be downloaded from here
      About halfway down the page there’s the password for this free version.

      If you’ve downloaded the full version legitimately they you should have been supplied with a password.
      If you downloaded it from a warez site, then there’s a company in the UK called “Fast Activated Software Tricks” that can help with pirated software, just mail them with your problem and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

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        Yep, they’re the ones that’ll help you. ;)

        by older mycroft ·

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        They’re very efficient from what I’ve heard.

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