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Need cool zenworks hack

By dherde ·
I am putting in a new installation of Zenworks 6.5. The presales person said that it supported win95 and up. The documentation says it will support legacy win95 policies but that no new Win95 policies could be put in. As I have about a 35% (don't snicker..) Win 95 install base, I am hoping that someone has a cool hack to get around this and create legacy style policies for the Win 95 machines.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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by BFilmFan In reply to Need cool zenworks hack

The pre-sales person told you the truth. It does support WIn 95. It doesn't let you add additional new policies.

Your choices are:

Continue to use the built-in policies and live with it.

Jetison the obsolete Windows 95 software and install XP.

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by dherde In reply to

When you say 'Built in policies" does this mean that there is some control over W95 machines? I need to disable floppies and cdburners. Are there some policies that actually come built in? or am I incorrect in thinking that I have to create all policies?

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by mrjay67 In reply to Need cool zenworks hack

The latest and greates in Zenworks is not going to support adding new policies for WIN95. It will manage existing ones that you created. If you have not created any policies then you might be in tough spot. There are only a couple of "built in" apps(not policies) and that is for registering the PC into NDS. You can try and set them up for Win 98 or 9x and see if that works but i dont think it will. As far as disabling the drives there are some Reg hacks that we have used to hide and restrict access to.

Jason CNA

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by lesko In reply to Need cool zenworks hack

Not really a zen works thing but windows 95 looks for a policy file in sys:\public by default so if you put your policy file there and name it config.pol if I am not mistaken ... you can manage your policies that way. You build your policies using poledit in the resource kit

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by icealex In reply to Need cool zenworks hack

As far as I know is the problem the ConsoleOne Snapin from Zenworks it never supports Win95 since ZEN works 3.1. So if you have an older installation of Zen you can use NWadmin to manage the win95 policies. Otherwise you have to search for nwadmin zenworks snapin and copy it to nwadmin snapins-folder.

Hope this helps


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