Need data off encrypted SSD from failed laptop

By mnsjake ·
Lenovo Yoga laptop motherboard died. The owner had not backed up very important data. I pulled the pcie-NVMe SSD drive, purchased a nvm-usb enclosure, connected to my Windows 7 machine to attempt to read/recover data, and was informed the drive is encrypted with Bitlocker and no key could be found on drive. The error said:

"Error recovering disk A recovery key was not found on this drive. The drive cannot be unlocked"

The user swears she did not set up Bitlocker, so I'm thinking perhaps this ssd drive encrypted by default. The laptop was on a Server 2012 domain, but to my knowledge Bitlocker AD integration was never configured on the server, so I don't know why any key would have been stored there.

What are my options? Thank you.

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You'll have to contact the System Admin of the

domain the laptop was joined to, or the original owner if different.
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