Need Dell Latitude D600 Password

By LittleNish ·
Hi well i bought a dell Latitude D600 from e-bay and when I got it I tried to start the computer so i can but a Os in it so i can have it ready for Christmas for my Oldest daughter. To my Surprize I need a password. I have tried to contact the seller but get no reply.the service tag # is F8Z4P31 and the Express Tag is 33194470141 if anyone can pls do I am so upset that I got screwed this was.I hope someone out there can help. Oh yea Dell said since it's a second had laptop they can't help me with this.

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Easily Fixed

by mikeadams1137 In reply to Need Dell Latitude D600 P ...

Heya...this is an easy fix...boot into safe mean Windows password right? Turn the PC on...pound F8, get into safe mode...then go to Control Panel - User Accounts, since you'll be under an administrator account, just delete the password. I had to do this when setting up new PCs at work, because old employees quit, and they did not know how to get into the PCs. 3-4 PCs immobile, because they couldn't get into them.

It beats spending $90-150 to give to some guy who is going spend 5 mins on, eh? Hope this helps!

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by sparkle_126 In reply to Need Dell Latitude D600 P ...

Is it a password needed to boot the hard drive or a windows password?

We had a problem with that where a person put a password on the hard drive first, before it could even boot.

You can try going into the bios to see if you can disable the hard drive password.
Dell has a backdoor for problems like this and when this happened to me, the user put a password on the bios too. We could only solve this by getting the backdoor password. Let us know if it is a hard drive password or windows one.

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It's a hard drive

by LittleNish In reply to password

Its abios passwword I get a message saying this computer system #F8Z4P31-595B is protected. and so on I need to get this password so i can get into this computer and start formating it so i can give it to my daughter

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by sparkle_126 In reply to It's a hard drive

Dell Inspiron BIOS Password Recovery
Each Dell Inspiron has a master password which will clear the BIOS password. You can get this number by calling Dell Technical Support at (800)624-9896.

Dell Technical Support will request the Service Tag and Express Service Code from the bottom of your Inspiron.

If you were not the original owner of the Inspiron, Dell will transfer registration of the used Inspiron from the original owner with only the Service Tag and Express Service Code from the tag on the laptop.

To transfer the registration of a used Dell Inspiron, fill out the Transfer of Ownership form on Dell's web site.

dell's asset transfer is located on the following page

The first link will also give ideas on what the password may be. It says that Dell's backdoor password is "dell" but i find that hard to believe.

Good luck

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i need a windows password

by melaniemakaylak In reply to password

hey my dell says i need an activation key i bought it from ebay and i dont know what to do? please help me.. thanks =)

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Activation key is with the COA.

by seanferd In reply to i need a windows password

With the disk, or in the case of a computer, on the computer.

Don't have it? Call Microsoft. Have the disk available and be able to read the little number on the inner ring.

Otherwise, get your money back.

(P.S., that isn't a password.)

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Message has been deleted.

by mr_plainkey In reply to Need Dell Latitude D600 P ...
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The easiest and BEST thing to do here ...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Need Dell Latitude D600 P ...

Is to consult PayPal and get your money back! They will refund it damn near immediately. Failure to do so is to condone these a$$es continued abuse of buyers.

I am a bit surprised you have received the amount of support you have here thus far as TR generally does not do anything to circumvent the security features of these machines, and for good reason.

Believe the following regarding your problem.

1.) The password on your BIOS can NOT be defeated by anyone other than Dell or someone who works or has worked for them. It will in fact require a backdoor password that only Dell has.

2.) The password does NOT reside in a typical chip. It is stored in a non-volatile memory chip on the board. Removing the electricity or power of the device for months, even years will not remove the password. Let no one tell you different.

3.) Do the right thing and pursue the avenue that will stop this bull on ebay. I am quite sure ebay/paypal will welcome your complaint. If you have never had the occasion to file a formal grievance with PayPal, I can say from first-hand experience that they refund FAST! Given you do file, read what paypal requests of you carefully. I got my money back within 48 hours.

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Good advice

by Michael Jay In reply to The easiest and BEST thin ...

however it seems that it has been 4 years since the original post.

Wonder if the kid ever got a laptop for Christmas.

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