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    Need Drivers for H.P. Pavilion a6407c


    by bds19591 ·

    I am helping a friend rebuild an H.P. Pavilion a6407c. I need drivers, and H.P. doesn’t have what I need on their web site, or, from what they told me, more correctly, I can’t find what I need. All I need is a driver for the ethernet adapter – I called, and was told that I need to spend $49.95 for this guy to tell me where it’s at on the site! GEEZ!!! WTF!!!??? On principal, I don’t want to do that. However, her PC is useless w/o this driver; I can’t get the the Internet! This is something that SHOULD be EASY, yet I’ve literally spent several hours looking for the driver and have had NO LUCK! What am I missing!!!??? HELP!!! At the risk of sounding like a jerk, please don’t waste your time telling me I need to put in the model #, etc., on H.P.’s site. I’ve been through all that, and no ethernet adapter driver is listed for ANY O/S. I also need a sound driver – again, no luck. The original O/S was Vista Home Premium – I rebuilt it with XP – but can’t even find Vista drivers.

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