Need either a new computer or new hard drive.

By JSFortner ·
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My last computer needed a new graphics card, so I asked my grandmother to take it into a shop to get a new one installed, but instead they stole my computer and gave her a used one that was way less valuable and told her that it was better. This computer also had only a trial version of windows 7, so I have no boot disc. Now the primary hard drive has crashed, and I am wondering if I should just get a new computer. My price range is $500 and I need a gaming computer. this one is barely adequate for what I need, but it does the job. Should I buy a new hard drive or the computer? And if a computer, what computer would you suggest? I can assemble a computer myself as well, so if you have in mind a bunch of compatible components, that's fine too. Thank you guys in advance.

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build a computer

by rolukas In reply to Need either a new compute ...

You can build a custom desktop like this---

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New Hard Drive - VITS

by Vitsusa In reply to Need either a new compute ...

You should assemble new CPU according to your requirement, because if you focus on Games, then configuration of hardware will be different. If you work on software or online then hardware configuration will be different because most of the companies work on single software in a day.

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Replace with ssd

by eddyduffy In reply to Need either a new compute ...

If you get an ssd drive instead of a hard drive, which are very reasonably priced now days, the computer will run a lot faster and you are going to save a lot of money. Buy a second hand windows license off ebay and I believe you will be more than satisfied

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gAMERS pArAdise

by Alice Samanta In reply to Need either a new compute ...

My all time favorite is Alienware.

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