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Need Excel tool to reduce all embedded jpg photos

By glnz ·
Ok - here's a question from a lousy amateur user of Excel --

My workbooks and worksheets are slowing down probably because I've pasted lots of jpg photos into them. My workbooks' tabs are copies of invoices to our retailers in which we had pasted the photos. The photos are not very big - a few rows tall and about the same wide - but the photo source files were big versions and, in a workbook with many tabs/copies of invoice sheets, I think they are slowing things up.

I've tried to use the Picture toolbar to reduce the resolution, crop and reduce the total bit sizes of these embedded jpg photos, but I don't think the Picture toolbar is doing what it says it's doing. After reducing that way, saving and closing and then re-opening the workbook, almost all the photos can be re-expended to their original default larger sizes. So the cropping and dpi reduction didn't take.

So - what tool will automatically check every embedded jpg in a workbook (all tabs), crop each jpg photo to its current smallish size, and reduce the resolution to 96 dpi? Without my having to past each photo into a different app and then re-paste it into the workbook?

Thanks !!!

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