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    Need guidance on demand and requirements


    by limatik ·

    Hi, Ive been in IT for about 6yrs now, doing software for a reputable int’l firm. I believe the world’s economy has’nt been good to IT lately, and we down here in SEAsia feel much of the heat, with IT companies either closing shop or downsizing – and there’s not much shops to look around.

    Ive not been idle (being a programmer, team leader, systems designer and lately, project leader), and am in touch with current technology trends (J2EE and other open source tech – linux, postgre, jboss)

    However, I didnt have the time to get myself some certification (I do have company certifications from reputable in-house trainings) or Masters

    I would like to know what IT related jobs are available outside SEAsia and what requirements are needed … any advise are welcome.

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