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By manohar_deore ·
hi, i am network admin in one corporate plant with 120 systems my background i.e. undergraduate, i don`t have msce certification but i can function as well as and having 4 years experience in same field. now i want to change the way things happening i want to complete my graduatation and go for some certification also like ocp because i feel dba has that what i looking for now problem is that i am from arts should i go back and get technical education but that will be time consuming what should i do?

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by cottay In reply to need guideline

Two opportunities come to mind:

1) Your question seems highly disorganized. If that is not just a
matter of language problems. you might first want to draw on
your previous education for some rigorous thinking about who
you are and what you want to do.

2) If you have thought things through and are focused on work
with databases, make sure you have some practical experience
before spending time and money on any certifications. If, after a
new projects and a few hundred hours database work still
appeals, you will be on much firmer ground.

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by Muhannad In reply to need guideline

Well, from your question I can tell that you managed to reach a good level in your area of experience. I think you should first ask yourself where do you see yourself three years down the road. It is not a matter of whether you hold a degree in IT or not. Having gained the proper experience and knowledge, I suggest you define your career path based on your local market. I am not sure if you will be required to master both systems (MSCE) and database (OCP) skills. If so, work on them one at a time. If you are happy with you current position, give yourself some time to study for the MCSE. Once you pass it, start working on the MCP. But don't go parallel. Both tracks require some level of concentration. One the other hand, once you acheive the MCSE certification, the picture might get clearer and you might have other choices or ideas.

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