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need guidence

By ilovegaming ·
my computer(dell inspirion 530a) has a virus, i have no anti virus, because 98% of the time im playin WoW, or one of many steam games. well the %2 now has my computer infected, i have no important info on it. just lotsa games which can all be reinstalled. so heres what i did after i disconnected it from the internet

action 1 : try system restore
(result) : system restore non responsive

action 2 : bring up task manager
(result) : task manger does not pop up but shows it should b there on the shorcut thingy

action 3 : tried booting my factory OS reinstall disk. tried making it the only available boot device, first in boot order, and booted directly from boot menu
(result) : this happend for all the above
No Boot Device Available
ALSO: while booting from cd/dvd drive the drive is moving so fast its shaking the computer, its never done that before.
ALSO: i tried switching sata cables around like someone said to in my last post, still get that error, with a diffrent sata installed
ALSO:i have successfully reformated this computer with this os disk 3 times in the past 3 years.
ALSO: i thought to test it to see if it worked at all, i tried my norton disk, a few movies a fews music cds, some game cds, and my adapter cd, interestingly enough it recognized 1 of the game cds and my wireless adapter set up cd, but nothing else.

action 4: i try installing norton360
(result) no disk found
EDIT: no idea how i forgot this
action 5: boot in safe mode
(result) it loads up the files, then black screen 3 minutes later another black screen, only with safe mode in the corners, and no way to do anything. tried this will all 3 safe mods, the option to start with command promt is the only thing that did anything, same black screen with safe mode in the corners, still no way to do anything, but command promt is up

after those 5 actions ive come to the conclusion that either my cd/dvd drive has finally died, or the virus has done something to its drivers to prevent the user from installing antivirus or reformatting the harddrive.
which brings me here to ask the great population of the internet for help.
i could take it to the tech shop here, but there the only one anywhere near, and they charge out the frame, 160$ for me to take my computer in, have them fix it in 10 min and then hold it for 2 days to charge me more. i cant afford that, and i have a decent knowlege base on computers, and determination.
so heres my questions
1) is there a way to find out if my cd/dvd drive is shot, or if a virus has somehow messed with its setting in a way, causing it not to read anything.
2) i have the os disk that came with my computer, but if my cd drives shot, or just disabled. it does me no good, but i noticed the option to boot from removable, i have a second computer at my disposal, but its not exactly mine. when i pop the bootable os disk in this computer its not recognized, so is there a program that would be able to recognize it and be able to put it on my flash drive.
3) even if i get the program on my jump drive, will my computer recognized the device/program as bootable.
4) is there some sorta user agreement that i would violate by trying to rip the os reinstall programm off the disk, its not like im trying to rip the programm to give to the population of the internet, i just need to get it to another possible bootable device
5) like i said i have access to another computer, would it b possible to like use norton 360 offa this computer to maybe scan for the infection on my other computer.
6) ive been to the local tech store, and what they do that takes no effort on thier part (but i guess requires enough of there "time" to charge u 100$+) is they have a second computer (and im using logical deduction from what i witnessed for 5 minutes.) it seemed like they used this second computer to reformat the hard drive of the "infected" computer and then reinstalled the os. which i mean it takes like 2-3 hours to do, but they dont spend more than 5 actually doing anything. so is there a way i can do that( even if its extremely conveluted)


ive exausted my expertise on the situation, and i sincerely hope there is someone out there willing to help, im eternally gratefull for anyone who helps, and if u want to go the extra mile, i have a cell device if you were willing to actually talk me through doing any of this, im a nice knowlegable individual, im hopelessly lost, and seeking any wisdom on this matter.

and again i REALLY appriciate ANY helpfull information.

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Install Avira anti virus

by Slayer_ In reply to need guidence

It will install properly, and tell it to update, then do some aggressive scans. And then never run around naked again.

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ill give it a shot

by ilovegaming In reply to Install Avira anti virus

ill try that and let you know what happends, im not on the infected computer since i cant access the internet from it. but i assume i can save the file on my flash drive and get it onto the computer that way. hope it works tho

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i tried it

by ilovegaming In reply to Install Avira anti virus

so i saved the program on my jump drive, took it to the infected computer, pluged in the jump drive and ran the program, it says installing, looks like its installing, but when it finishes an error pops up saying "resource missing setup.dll" i did learn that my computer will recognize the jump drive as removable and i could probly reformat my hard drive if i were to get my os onto my flash drive and somehow format the flash drive or program to be bootable, i would have no idea how to do that tho. my infected computer has no access to the internet to update

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by seanferd In reply to need guidence

Sounds like your optical drive is failing. Try a different drive (borrow or buy one). This will probably make life easier as you will know whether the drive is bad, and if so, you then can buy a new one and have an operational drive to reinstall your OS & other stuff. Try this. Install and run it in Safe Mode. Scan and clean until you get no more scan results.
Also, check out this article on rescue CDs. These will bypass the infected OS entirely, getting a better scan, and avoiding tricks the malware does when it is in control of the installed OS. Some of these can be installed on flash drives, so you don't necessarily need the CD drive immediately.

A lot of stuff can be made bootable on a flash drive, sometimes easily. An image of your OEM CD may or may not boot and/or run properly from a flash drive. Or one method may work where another does not.

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ty for the response

by ilovegaming In reply to OK

safe mode doesnt work. when i try to boot in safe mode it takes me to a black backround with safe mode in ea corner. but thats its. no interface, just a black screen with safe mode in the corners.

btw the virus is called vista security 2011, which seems to be bothering other users as well. the difrence is i dont want to get the virus off my harddrive, i wanna get everything off, so i can re install my OS, install my antivirus, and stop downloading things off of the internet, and just stick to my gaming.

i dont know much about viruses, but there was a gentleman having problems with the same virus, said it stoped all his exe. files, which kinda happends with me, i cant get on the internet with it, but there is a computer right across the hall im using atm. basically nothing is working, task manager, my games, system restore, safe mode. my cd/dvd drive recognized everything but my norton 360, which when i ran it, it made my computer act crazy, and then no disk found. its also ignoring my OS reinstal disk. but again seems to recognize almost everything else.

SO given the information above, what would the best course of action be as far as reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the os,

am i gonna have to get ride of the virus before i can reformat ?

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Here's what you do (fool-proof)

by AnsuGisalas In reply to need guidence

You open up your computer, take out the HD, bring the HD to a tech pro, who can plug it into another computer as a slave drive, then run all the world's scanners and crap on it, hopefully removing all traces of infection, while leaving your data unharmed.

Or if you don't want to take out the HD yourself, lug the machine with you.
In any case, I bet you can find a mercenary tech without too much trouble, or ask here for tips on where to find someone.

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