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Need Help!!

By cupra ·
i got a virus which is hard to deal with it, it infects the AUTOCAD files called LISP and comes in this format "CAD.LISP" , its almost everywhere on my network now i dont know yet how to stop it or how to disinfect thoese files and i cant jst DELETE them cause they'r important and needed, i tried many anti-viruses but not yet solved..anyone got any advice for that?...any suggested software?...

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it is..

by cupra In reply to Most likely the ALS.Burst ...

yes its the ALS.Bursted.A virus anyway i couldnt find a solution in the link you gave..still fighting with that virus every 5 seconds with the anti-virus scanner..cant disinfect and not allowed to remove..

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Standard anti Virus mode

by JamesRL In reply to it is..

If you have a virus thats proving difficult to remove, its generally because there are active components of it running while you are trying to clean it.

Try booting into safe mode and then running your anti-virus tools and see if that improves things. One of the things that happens in safe mode is that only a smaller set of startup items run, usually ones needed by the OS and created by MS.

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If safe mode doesn't work

by dldorrance In reply to Standard anti Virus mode

Download and burn a CD with this bootable antivirus program and run it on the infected computer.

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by cupra In reply to Need Help!!

i dont want to remove these infected files cause we need it...its AutoCad files so its work so i need to disinfect it, not to delete it..

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by cupra In reply to ...

and its on the NETWORK..not on one PC so i cant just install an anti-virus and will delete it..its not that easy, the files inside the Network Drives" are infected also and the server runs "windows server 2003" which its not easy to find the right software to disinfect these files..

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