need help

By nesamoh ·
hey guys / gals... look i suspect my wife of cheating on me... is there a way i can view my cell phone camera from the internet so i may catch her in the act? all help is much appriciated... if it help i have a motorola brand cell model# v262.


heartbroken husband

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You have got to be kidding...

by daveo2000 In reply to need help

Is this for real?

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what?? ur joking right?

by thc3po In reply to need help


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Oh I'm Serious

by nesamoh In reply to what?? ur joking right?

uhm no money hence why i want to catch her with the cell phone video... so how can i do it?

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The Memory on a Cell Phone

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oh I'm Serious

Is no where near big enough to hold video for more than a few minutes at the absolute most and even then you whould have to be there to turn on the camera and allow it to run sounds sort of self defeating if you ask me as if you are already there why do you need the phone?


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by julian.bennett In reply to The Memory on a Cell Phon ...

Hal 9000 is right, you can't remotely operate your cell phone from the internet, and even then, you'd not capture enough film to satisfy your suspicions...

But... you could attach a camera system to your PC, and basically "bug" your own home!! Why don't you save money, time & effort, and straight out ask/tell her of your suspicions... If she's lying, you'll see it in her eyes... sounds to me that you already know, and just want documented proof! Don't put yourself through it dude!

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by Shellbot In reply to Dude...

if you really need to know..the time honoured "wait in the bushes" to see if anyone shows up at your house type of thing might work..

tough situation mate..if you are almost certain, then like Julian said..just ask her..
if your only suspect, then maybe just chill out and see what happens and what "vibes" your getting..

all depends on whats making you suspicious really

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In a weird sort of eerie way, this thread reminds me of...

by daveo2000 In reply to or..

this thread:

Aurora is just outside of Chicago which has no shortage of private investigators.

Something just doesn't feel right about this.

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Got that same feeling

by rob mekel In reply to In a weird sort of eerie ...

on the other hand it is an nice issue to work on and ... as I put in my other post:

Maybe there is an sollution to the issue already :)


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Nowadays it is possible

by rob mekel In reply to The Memory on a Cell Phon ...

Dutch phonecompany KPN offers cell-phone operated cam's :) don't know much about the deal they have but it's an option.

It puts your cell-phone into your comp. network as an operating device to your cam. The recordings are saved to your pc. :) so they say


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Technically there is one way for a "Live" feed

by toughguy000 In reply to need help

If the location that you are setting it up is not far from your computer you could use blue tooth to connect to your comp, view the active cam (Would require some investigation on how to view it) then record with a live capture program, or remote access your computer to view live...

Or you could just go and spend $20 on a "Spycam" that is either colour or pincam LED nightvision type one... they are found everywhere on the web (ebay) and can be recorded by practically any device.

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