NEED HELP???????????????

By ECB183 ·
I have a Dell 1150 which won't power on because of the power port. Fix is said to be buy new motherboard.

But I've seen on ebay a guy who claims he can fix this problem without needing new motherboard. But you have to send the laptop to NC. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF I NEED A NEW MOTHERBOARD OR CAN IT BE FIXED? ty

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Not without a close inspection

by mjd420nova In reply to NEED HELP???????????????

I wouldn't make such a flat statement. There are way too many things that could have created this fault, and most would require the motherboard to be replaced. It could only be a bad solder connection or a trace that has seperated and lifted from the board. It could be a simple fix or it could be major. Sight unseen, I'd not quote that it could be fixed without replacement.

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Yes it is repairable

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NEED HELP???????????????

But you need special tools and have done this previously to get it to work properly most of the time.

Because this is a specialised repair you may not have anyone in your area that is capable of doing it or even interested as they can make far more money by replacing the M'Board and not run the risk of another failure occurring soon.

You have to look at it from a professionals point of view is it worth their time & effort attempting to repair something that may be more seriously damaged that is first thought? Or is it faster to do the job as recommended by the maker and replace the Board? Most will err on the side of caution as firstly they don't repair M'Boards and therefore don't have the right equipment so instead of buying expensive tools they just do the easy thing and replace the broken M'Board.

Technically speaking you could fix this problem quite easily but you would have to dismantle the complete unit and have the correct type of soldering iron one that is temp controlled and has an earthed tip to prevent a massive charge being put into the M'Board and destroying it the moment that the soldering Iron tip touches the circuit board. you will also need a high silver content solder and an adjustable temp soldering iron. If you keep the Soldering Irons temp below 315 C and use thin solder in small amounts you can repair it easily. If the circuit board is broken though you'll most likely need a replacement M'Board as it's impossible to fix the tracks that are between the layers of the M'Board.

If you want to get it repaired locally your best bet is to approach an Electronics Repair Shop and ask them to do the repair or replace the power connector which sounds as if that is your problem.

Most Computer repair places do not have the necessary tools or expertise to do this type of work.


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