Need help

By virag2k ·
Hi guys,
I am new to perl as well as linux. I just want to make use of a perl script that will run a command for me. The command is not a standard unix command such as [ls] or [ls-l]. Instead it is a command to run another program written in C. I have used the system and exec functions available in perl, but to no avail.
Looking forward to some solution.
Thanks for your time and patience.


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Here is an example to properly call the C program

by IC-IT In reply to Need help

system() expects a string (or a list of strings) ? not a mixture of whitespace-separated strings and barewords.

system('"C:\\Program files\\Borland\\SilkTest\\partner.exe" -q -r "C
+\Perfrom_Acce\\Investigate\\Investigate_ACCEPTANCE.t" WelcomePagesOn'

(note the single quotes around the entire command)

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