Need Help Access 2007

By Franscois ·
Good day.

firstly let me say thanks for the help.

here is what i have a problem with:

i have a Split Form that lists projects projects are world wide and there for many different currencies have to be listed on the Split Form.

now i know that access defaults to the currency that your local PC is set to, but i have been able to get around that by using custom formatting:

i created a table with all the currencies and there symbols that will be needed.

then i used the following code for my formatting:

Dim Symbol As String

Private Sub Report_Load()
Symbol = (Me.CurrencySymbol)

Price.Format = Symbol & "" & ("##,##0.00")
Price.Format = Symbol & "" & ("##,##0.00")
Out.Format = Symbol & "" & ("##,##0.00")
Paid.Format = Symbol & "" & ("##,##0.00")
TPrice.Format = Symbol & "" & ("##,##0.00")
AccessTotalsChargedAmount.Format = Symbol & "" & ("##,##0.00")

this works with out a problem ^_^ as long as there is only one currency on the form ...

how do i adjust mt code so that it will apply the formatting to each project that i am listing on my Split Form ?

at the moment it checks what the currency symbol is of the first project and applies that to all projects so i ens up with UK project with $ amounts.



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You are going to have

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Need Help Access 2007

set symbol at the record level by looking it up based on the currency/country code on the project.

Might be easier to to just make your amounts calculated fields of type string. Then let the calc 'format' the value using the required currency symbol, and teh amount the field.

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No Idea

by Franscois In reply to You are going to have

I have not been using Access that long and i have no idea how to do that can you jot down an example for me.


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Me either. Haven't don access for ages

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to No Idea

There are some access gurus on the forum

Suggest you ask a question about calculated text fields. Mention the version of access you are using.

I don't remeber it being that difficult, but I couldn't talk you through it.

Hit F1 and serach for calculted fields might get you started as well.

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