Need help accessing files from access point to switch.

By demonjrules ·
OK, I have an issue that I'm not sure how to solve. I live in college apartment where the building provides internet access with one network jack in every room. In the living room we set up a Netgear wireless access point with DHCP turned on so all the hosts on that network have a private IP address (IE ect... with a subnet of In the bedroom we have a Netgear gigabit switch which has no web interface, it simply splits the bedrooms private IP address assigned by the apartment into 3 IP address (IE for my roommates computer, for my computer and for my HP printer. They are on the subnet ) The 172.17.105.___ is the block that my apartment uses. My problem is that I am trying to access the files on my PC in my room on the switch using my Mac in the living room with the wireless access point. How can I go about accessing these files without putting them online and being able to print from the wireless to the hosts on the switch? Thanks for any help.

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There's a southern saying:

by robo_dev In reply to Need help accessing files ...

Ya'll can't get there from here....

But seriously:

Is the 172.x.x.x network wide open? (can you ping all your room-mates PCs from your IP address)

How many people are on this network, and do you trust them?

The most logical thing would be to get rid of the netgear router in the living room, and install a Wireless Access Point.

This would make everybody all part of one big happy 172.x.x.x family.

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