Need help after running windows essentials and restarting my computer it ha

By surealunreal ·
when the computer starts it gives the message : searching for boot record from IDE-0..ok and just hangs there what can i do, please help

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The Boot Record has been corrupted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need help after running w ...

And the Computer can no longer find the Primary Boot Device unless you have made some hardware changes here.

The Primary IDE Chanel is always the Primary Boot Device even if there is nothing connected to it. This is at the Hardware Level and doesn't affect many unless changes are made like inserting a IDE or PATA HDD. When that happens the hardware only looks to that newly inserted HDD for the Primary Boot Files and can not proceed till a Repair Install is done to reconstruct the Primary Boot Files on the newly fitted HDD.

Depending on what OS you have loaded here the Repair options vary so you'll have to look up the Help Files on the OS Makers Web Site.


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by surealunreal In reply to The Boot Record has been ...

the os i'm using is XP home edition, could have been done by a virus downloaded, what can i do i haven't got any discs

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No disks at all?

by seanferd In reply to OMG

You can create this set of diskettes;en-us;Q310994
and then have access to Recovery Console, from which you can run the Fixboot and/or Fixmbr commands.

or you could make a bootable disk of this
to fix the MBR (there should be a backup on the drive to write, even if this won't write a standard MBR itself).

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Well if you didn't get any Recovery Disc's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to OMG

There is a Recovery Partition on the HDD.

M$ Insist that the maker provides some way to reload the system with all new computers. It's part of the deal in selling M$ Product so there must be some form of Recovery Solution.

Or you can approach the Maker and order a Recovery Set for your system. It's actually best to do this early on before they stop supporting that model so you can get the Recovery Set quickly and ideally As cheaply as possible.


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