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I reformatted my c: drive and wiped everything out. When I did this, I forgot to see what make and model my CD ROM was because I had installed a new one quite some time ago. I went inside and took out the CD ROM, found out which make it was and then put it right back. While I was in there, I decided to do that same for my grafics card because it was fairly new too. My old connection that you plug the monitor in to was loose, so I installed a new one a couple of years ago. I pulled out the card and replaced it right away. Now when I go to start the computer, nothing shows up on the screen. It's just black. How can I install the right driver if I can't see what I'm doing? Can anyone help me?

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Re-Seat graphics card

by TheChas In reply to NEED HELP BAD!!!

The most likely problem is that the graphics card is not fully seated in it's slot.

Very often, AGP cards will not seat at the rear of the slot without an extra push.

Alternately, it is possible that the IDE cable on your CD-ROM drive is reversed.

Last but not least, check and make sure that you did not knock your RAM loose from it's sockets while removing and installing your video card.


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by laurieennd In reply to Re-Seat graphics card

I haven't installed any windows software yet. Would the graphics card install with the start up disk for Windows 98SE? Or being that it is a new graphics card, I would have to run the driver again? Where is the RAM? I checked the graphics card and its in there good.

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Most of the AGP or PCI express Video Cards

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NEED HELP BAD!!!

Have a locking mechanism at the back end of them. That is the end closest to the front of the computer so make sure that this isn't holding the Video Card out of it's socket and that it's actually locked in correctly.

Other wise if none of The Chas solutions work post back and we'll see what other answers we can give you.

OH BTW you didn't try cleaning out the case with one of those new Static Dusters did you? If you did the odds are that you've destroyed the M'Board as they don't take too kindly to a massive Static Discharge through them.


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by laurieennd In reply to Most of the AGP or PCI ex ...

No I didn't use a static duster or anything like that. I just took out the graphics card, replaced it, took out the ethernet card to see what brand it was and replaced that too. The same with the CDROM. You see, before I formatted the C: drive, the computer was not recognizing anything. It said that I had no windows on it. So from there, I reformatted. I had to make a start-up disk from bootdisk.com and when I did that, it did not recognize my cdrom. So that's why I had to look to see what make it was.

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Well you seem to have a much bigger problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NO STATIC DUSTER USED

Than just a Bad Windows Install. What should happen on any computer is that it runs in it's primary mode to POST Power On Self Test and then it should start to search for media to load from. If it's not recognised media that you know works it's the M'Board that's gone bad however the Boot Disc that you mentioned you downloaded is in ISO Format so if you didn't record it to a CD and convert it to the Normal Format you should have got that error message and the make of the CD/DVD Drive is absolutely nothing at all to do with anything it's just telling you that it can not read the media in that drive.

What is the biggest worry here was the fact that you where not being able to access the Windows Install on the HDD so I would be looking at some reason for this problem. It could be that the Data lead to the drive has been damaged and is no longer working, or the Drive itself has been damaged and the Master Boot Records no longer agree with each other or the IDE Controller on your M'Board has failed.

If it's the last item then effectively nothing should work while running on that M'Board except the POST and the full loading of the computer in the way of installed RAM, The CPU Type & Speed and any IRQ's that are in use as well as installed drives. That's the minimum that it should show and most times more before it even goes near attempting to find some kind of Operating System to run.

But before you panic remove the Video lead and look at the pins in the plug and see if any are bent over. If they are very carefully straighten them up and plug the lead back into the Video Card and then try again. The only reason that you shouldn't at the very least be getting some form of picture on the screen is that the Monitor has failed completely to check this out you can try it on another computer or just look at the LED on the front of it if it changes colour it's getting a video feed of some sought, if it doesn't change colour it's not getting a Video Feed but it needs to be turned on before you turn on the computer. Normally it should be Amber for Standby and green for running with a Video Feed.

Really when a Video Card has been removed and replaced and there is no video its because the Video card isn't seated properly in it's socket provided that undue force wasn't used and the M'Board cracked. So I would remove the Video Card and everything else that you removed and just replace the Video Card and try again and see if anything happens when you apply power. If it works then you can replace 1 item at a time till it's either fully assembled or stops working and then you know which unit it is that is causing the problem as it will be the last one fitted.

On any M'Board there are several necessary Items the CPU with it's associated Heat Sink & Fan the Video Card and the RAM which is the memory and everything needs to be inserted correctly or it will not work. Depending on the make and model of your M'Board there can be anything between 2 to 4 RAM Sockets which all take a long circuit board that plugs into the sockets which with all of the recent stuff has a swinging lever at each end to lock the RAM in place. Normally these are white or an off white colour but they may vary in colour depending on the maker of the M'Board and if it supports Dual Chanel RAM. If it's the latter there should be at the very least 2 Blue or Orange Locking Levers on the end of the RAM Sockets.

Now while this picture will not be anything like your M'Board it's the only one that I have with names on everything so it should help you locate the different components


As you have not removed the CPU DO NOT TOUCH IT! Just work around what you have removed and any wire connections that may have been dislodged when you where inside the case. Make sure everything is connected and them apply power with the case side off and see if the Fan's run even if you don't get a picture of some sought it will at the very least tell you that you have power getting to the M'Board and that the M'Board has sent a message to the Power Supply to keep running.

Lets know how you get on after you have reached that stage.


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