Need Help booting from the CD on my IBM thinkcentre pc

By budwenkin ·
I am trying to figure out how to change the order of the booting sequence on this IBM. It is trying to connect to the domain (got pc from garage sale) and I just want to reinstall Windows XP. I cannot figure out how to change the boot sequence. Many pc's have a tab up top that says Boot but this IBM does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well as you obviously already know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need Help booting from th ...

You have to get into the BIOS. There should be a setting under a heading like setup that will allow you to change the boot order. This really depends on the BIOS that is used as to how you change this but as it's currently trying to boot from a LAN it will be reading First Boot Device = LAN, Second Boot Device = HDD or Floppy and there may not be any other alternatives for a third Boot Device. This just depends on how old and what is fitted.

But it should read First Boot Device is Floppy, Second Boot Device is CD ROM and third Boot Device is HDD 0. IBM are a bit strange but you should be able to download the users manual from their Web Site and that will tell you how to alter the BIOS. You should find what you are looking for here


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by budwenkin In reply to Well as you obviously alr ...

Ok, I found the BIOS and believe I have found where to change the order. Now my issue is that after I change the order it tells me to save and exit press f9. It beeps at me when I do this and does not save. I cannot get it to save and now that is where I am stuck.

Also, I am now able to log onto the pc because I got the password and login. It is logging into a domain and I just want to reinstall xp so that I will not have to do this. Since I am not the administrator of this it will not allow me to make many changes. When I place in the XP disk and open it up it will not allow me to install because it says that the disk that I have is an older version of XP and that the newer version is on my pc and will not allow me to go any further. I am stuck.

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Well the first thing is that you'll need to do is get the BIOS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to BIOS

Right and for that I suggest that you download the manual as sometimes the screen instructions are not correct. You should move to the exit option in BIOS and when you click on that you should be asked do you want to save the changes or not in this case you would press on the Yes Option.

To reload XP all you really need do now is wipe the HDD with a utility like Boot & Nuke available here

And then you can perform a clean install of XP from your CD's.


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booting from dvd

by unicosm In reply to Well as you obviously alr ...

As you start the computer, before any screen come up press F12 a few times boot menu will appear. I read the thinkcenter manual posted by the previous correspondence "thank you", I tried it and it worked.

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My Suggestions

by w2ktechman In reply to Need Help booting from th ...

Flash the BIOS first.

Use a utility to wipe the drive (from a boot floppy). This can be done with a Win boot disk (format), but I would suggest a drive scrubber.

Re-partition the drive (FDISK)

Then you should be able to reinstall the OS. Make sure to obtain the drivers for the notebook (put them on a cd if possible).

But before connecting to the Internet

Grab SP2 and other critical updates, and put them on cd as well.

download or purchase AV and a good firewall

Then install all of these, then connect to the Internet and grab other updates.

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by rocketgirl9 In reply to My Suggestions

To boot from another source in the ThinkCentre..At least on a temporary basis- Press 'Enter' on startup when it says "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter" Then press F12 to choose a temporary startup device..It will list your drives, and even attached USB devcies

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IBM Thinkcentre

by brucechandra In reply to Need Help booting from th ...

I just got one of these myself, and you are right, the bios is a lot different, I believe this was for security because these were built for POS systems where a lot of employees had access to these computers. If you notice, it wants to boot from a removable source. Well, a removable cd drive worked to put on the new operating system great. Try that out, I was wondering also if a thumbdrive would have enough power to load an OS in it? And if it came with the hard drive be sure to save all of your drivers, they are hard to get.

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