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Need help buying powerful pcs for large data analysis

By Peter Spande ·
Lots of reviews around the web on desktops in general but I can't find much to help me with High-end Desktops (and I mean Desktops designed to handle really large dataset analysis - think scientific applications.) Specifically, in this case, people working on analyzing the human genome.

Lots of options out there - all of the major Desktop vendors have products in this space but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these and can suggest vendors to purchase or avoid.

The system must run Windows XP and will be running SAS, S-Plus, R, etc. Currently there is no 64-bit SAS license for windows for this project. While performance is primary consideration of course cost is a consideration too.

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64 Bit

by djameson In reply to Need help buying powerful ...

Do you know if SAS will run in a 32 bit emulated 64 bit environment like an Itanium or a AMD 64?

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So far as I can tell, no

by Peter Spande In reply to 64 Bit

They do support it for RedHat Linux but we aren't supporting that on desktops.

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Dell Precision 670

by djameson In reply to So far as I can tell, no

they are really a scaled back server platform, You can get tons of memory and up to dual 3.6 Ghz Processors they use SATA drive and DDR2 memory and have a nice big backplane for data crunching. I run a precision 360 with a single processor 4 G of memory and 500Gb of storage space, I have done password hashing and brute force decryption and it has worked great.

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by jdmercha In reply to Need help buying powerful ...

Get as much of the fastest ram as you can afford.
The Dell Precision is a good choice. Multiple CPU's won't help if you're only running a single program.

Once you get up past 4GB or ram, it gets quite pricey. Have you considered grid computing?

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