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need help choosing a career

By isildursheir ·
in a few weeks i will be getting my first degree. its an aas in information technology. i have my A+ cert, but nothing else. while getting my degree i got exposed to a little bit of everything, hardware, programming, networking, ect. i really enjoyed building and repairing computers, and i also liked building simple web pages. i go ta little confused during networking tho, with active directory and subnetting. they have classes for cisco and misrosoft here. they also have degrees in web developement and information sytems as well as programming. im freaking out because im 19 years old and everybody is pressuring me to pursue a career, but there are so many, and i cant figure out which one would be fun to do, and also get me lotsa money. id appreciate any insight someone who haa a job in te IT field. thanks.

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You can close doors or opem them

by Oz_Media In reply to need help choosing a care ...

When it comes to prents and 'the other half' placing pressure on you to get a career, just remember you're going to be wround longer than them and will have yourself to respect instead of looking to please others.

DO whatever you enjoy, if it is web design this year, then do it. If you feel like taking on security next year, do it. Youare going to have a much more fulfilling and diverse working life if you do.
Remember, the last 19 years seemed like forever and even though time passes quicker as we get older, you still have 45 MORE YEARS before you retire to get something done.

I am a former sales manager (career choice number 1) that changed his mind and spent six years study automitive and has become inter Provincially certified automotive engineer (choice number2). Then I stumbled into corporate management and quality assurance roles just by being in the right place at the right time(career choice number3). I then took a joc as a web designer, ended up as a netadmin, passed my MCNE cert and am now a self employed network consultant/administrator (career choice nyumber4).
Oh yes, I am also a manager and promoter for rock bands that are persuing European contracts, (career choice number 1-5B). At 15 I started my apprenticeship to become a machinist and civil engineer like my father (career choice 1-5 C).

My father wanted me to become a tradesman, you are NEVER unemployed if you have a trade. My mother wanted me to follow my brothers corporate path and persue a business career. My brother figured I would be a lifetime felon/convict.

Either way, everyone has always supported me no matter WHAT my choices, I have gained experience in more fields than most do, I have had a THOUROUGHLY enjoyable work life. I have won some and I've lost some but I've ALWAYS done exactly what I feel like doing at any given moment. I have achieved personal success, a great name in my comunity and former home of Vancouver. A reputation as a jack of all trades etc.

I am 35 and will STILL be working for another 30 YEARS yet!!! That's almost my entire life ALL over again, especially since I've only been working for 20 years so far.

Who knows, this is North America, I could be a lawyer in four years, or a doctor STILL and have enough time to build that into a career.

There is SO much time in your life, don't be pushed along the career path by someone else's wishes. Do what you want to do and make people proud of you just by how well you can do it.

TO try and choose a career path in IT is futile, what is the best choice today will be outdated technology/knowlede tomorrow.

Get into web design if that's what you WANT to do today and deal with tomorrows choices as they come, it's easier, it's just as effective and you'll ALWAYS be happy if you are making choices to please your own work desires.

There are too many grumpy old bus drivers who never persued thier work of choice andare bitter at those that did, don't become a grumpy old bus driver.

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