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    Need Help concerning Routers and Wireless


    by pagenie ·

    I have a Linksys router (prob.4 or 5 years old) attached to our PC. I have a laptop that has wireless connection.
    I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 with really lousy
    IntelProSet Software It won’t stay connected so I rely on the cable connection that comes through the router most of the time.
    Lately we have had to keep pulling the plugs on the cable modem and the router then turning the PC off and on again to be connected to the internet. I am getting tired of this. The cable repair man says our Suddenlink connection is ok and that the problem may be with the router. Our daughter has music download software installed and it freezes a lot. Is the problem with that or should I look into buying a new router? Should I get a new wireless card for my laptop that is compatible with the router?
    I hope this makes sense. I would appreciate advise as to what to do and suggestions for buying a good router and wireless card for home use.

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      by pagenie ·

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      Well you could try updating the Firmware

      by oh smeg ·

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      For the Router if it’s not to the latest level and then reset the router. You can get the newest Firmware from here

      The WiFi software or device on the Dell NB is more a symptom of the OS not the actual hardware. You may also have the NB in a poor signal strength area which causes the problem. You will also have a considerably faster Internet connection with a Cable or Wire Connection to the computer than you can ever hope to achieve with a Wireless connection. These are always considerably slower under ideal conditions and quite often far worse.

      As for the router dropping the signal from the ISP which I’m assuming is happening here it could be that the router is getting a lot of muck over the Mains which is causing problems or it’s Power Pack is breaking down or not plugged in properly. Rebooting the Router should cure the problem though as rebooting the computers will have no effect on the Router.

      Rebooting the computers will only affect the computers so if they need rebooting I would be looking at them as the problem here. If they are running Windows and have a few years on them with the current install reloading them will get rid of a lot of junk that accumulates and can cause Windows to misbehave.

      As for the Music Download Software this depends on what it actually is but it’s far more likely to be the OS becoming unstable which is the real problem. Applications should run without freezing under normal circumstances if the freezing happens a lot you really need to look at the Base OS as a possible problem and wiping the HDD every few years and reinstalling Windows after you Backup all your Data is always a good idea.


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