Need help configuring Netgear Modem with Linksys Router

By franko_69 ·
I am running a NetGear DM111P and Linksys WRT54G. My speed stream modem recently died and I had a Netgear DM111P supplied by ISP floating about. Now that I have configured it to connect to internet, it will only allow 1 PC to connect to web and gives it an external 203.x.x.x IP. Previously I was running the Speed stream in NAT/NATP mode and allowed me to connect all my PC's and laptop's to the net with internal 192.x.x.x IP's... the Netgear only allows Bridged mode... how can I get arround this?? I tried to configure running the Linksys and the Gateway but won't give internet access on my PC, is connected at router, but won't connect PC's... Help?

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could be a couple of things.

by CG IT In reply to Need help configuring Net ...

if your using your linksys router behind the modem, log on to it and check the WAN port settings. see if it's getting an address if you have a dynamic address assignment.

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DMP111p may be incapable of Ethernet speed negotiation..

by cmatthews In reply to Need help configuring Net ... depending on WRT firmware you might try changing the WAN uplink speed.

Also depending on your ISP, it's DHCP may "hang on" to the MAC address last used, so if you're switching things around "on the fly", you may want to "release" the IP manually from your PC before disconnecting its cable. Then as the other tech said, you may successfully obtain an IP from the ISP on the router.

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MAC address sticky [registered] is tough to get rid of

by CG IT In reply to DMP111p may be incapable ...

so he might have to clone the MAC address from the last router or PC directly connected to the ISP.

Most consumer DSL lines MTU is 1490 [1500 by default] so, don't think that's the problem.

More like MAC address sticky probably is the problem.

Release/Renew with the new router. If that doesn't work after a couple of tries, then clone.

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