Need help configuring two wireless routers on one network

By s84471 ·
We have Verizon FiOS here, and since the wireless capabilities on the router supplied by Verizon are not all that great, we use a Dlink DIR-825 in addition to the FiOS router.
The problem is I can't seem to get the wireless to work on the Dlink without it's DHCP set to enabled, but enabling DHCP on the Dlink prevents gaming between computers connected to different routers.
Wired LAN currently works perfectly on the Dlink, but not wireless LAN (I get an autoconfiguration IP address if I use WiFi).
At the moment, the two routers have different SSIDs, but I also tried having them both run on the same SSID, however that broke WiFi all together.

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OK there are several problems involved here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need help configuring two ...

Ideally you should be using a WiFi Extender not another Router. Then to make matters worse you chose a Dual Band Router that has USB ports to enable the sharing of USB Devices like Printers so here the DHCP has to be running on the D Link for all of its features to work.

Now depending on what is involved here int he way of the network you may need to enter the ISP Routers Setup and disable the DHCP or feed the ISP Modems Signal directly into the D Link's UpLink Port and only use that for the WiFi and Wired LAN's after first of all disabling the WiFi in the ISP Router again through it's setup options.

Then only use the D Link Device to drive all of the LAN through either a Range Extender or if you are using Wired LAN though a switch/Hub.

Also normally when you use a Pouter deeper into a LAN it isolates all of the computers connected to it from the rest of the LAN so you have to disable the Router itself and only use it as a WiFi Hub. That might be your answer here opening the D Links Setup Menu and disabling the Router and also enabling the Bridge between the Wired and WiFi LAN's that this device is supporting.


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2 routers is a bit tricky

by computechdan In reply to Need help configuring two ...

sound like u got close when u broke the wi-fi all togeather, i suspect u used the WAN port on the dlink to connect it to the verizon router, try this:

in the dlink router...

set the local LAN address to a vaild address for your network that is not use nor in the DHCP range of the verizon router

set the SSID, channel, and secuity to match the verizon router

disable DHCP on the dlink

connect the the two routers togeather using the LAN ports, do not use the WAN port on the dlink

this effectively turns the the dlink router into an extender

the problem is the routers wireless may not be compatible so this solutions doesn't allways work

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