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Need help deciding business phone system - Nortel vs. NEC

By sgupta ·
We have a VOIP based solution using Asterisk PBX. Although we love the rich feature set including convenient remote mngmt, hoteling, call recording and many more; call drops, echoes, unreliable call quality-especially on international calls-have forced us to look for a reliable option and switch back to a traditional PBX. It's funny that all the hosted solution providers (mostly VOIP-based) I spoke to, have all mentioned in some way... that VOIP is nowhere close to traditional least not yet..may be in the near future. So if it means choosing between call quality and feature-set, I'd would rather go for the first option.

After evaluating Cisco, Avaya, Intertel/Mitel, ESI, NEC and Nortel among others, we have narrowed down to these 2 -
Nortel (BCM 400) vs.
NEC (Electra Elite IPK II).
For call recording, we are looking at - CallParrot from Telstrat with Nortel vs.
Tracer from Oaisys with NEC.

Can anyone provide any comparative datapoints between NEC and Nortel or Telstrat and Oaisys? If you have any experience - good or bad - with any of these - I'd really appreciate if you could share that, to help me make a decision.

Thank you in advance.

- SG

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Nortel vs NEC: Followup?

by isdept In reply to Need help deciding busine ...

Hi, SG,

I've been leaning towards the Nortel BCM 400 for our new facility, but it is being "suggested" from above that I consider the NEC Electra Elite IPK. In doing a search for comparison data, I found this message.

Have you made a decision, and if so, would you be so kind as to share the reasons?

Thanks for your time...

- Joel

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Heres what you are looking for

by cpew1zard In reply to Need help deciding busine ...

Fact One: AT&T can sell any CPE they want. Nortel is one of them and NEC is not. Before AT&T took over BellSouth, BS back in th emid 90's sold NEC for a couple years but after too many implementation issues, dropped NEC. NEC is good if all you are looking for are the cut dry basics. Nortel is more expensive but is more reliable and has a better shelf life than NEC. Call Parrot is from a company called Telestrat and is an excellent product; it is user friendly and great post sale support.
And please do not forget that just as important as the manufacturer is the vendor that will install/mantain the system. I would highly reccomend using the same vendor that your network is with and if that is up in the air as well, then pay the extra $ and go with the LEC, not a CELEC who is only renting lines from the LEC

HOpe this helps

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