Need Help determining hard drive interface

By niktone ·
i got this hard drive and it has DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra) or it supposedly does i'm not sure. if anyone could describe anything about DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra)so i could identify the drive that would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

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its a 44 pin laptop drive

by niktone In reply to Have a look at this ...

its a 44 pin laptop drive with some type of a adapter for a inspiron 600m

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Well that's that sorted then. :)

by OldER Mycroft In reply to its a 44 pin laptop drive
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it's an ATA (IDE) drive for a laptop

by seanferd In reply to its a 44 pin laptop drive

What exactly are you trying to find out?

If you are looking for the drive manufacturer, and it is the drive that originally came with the laptop, it is probably one of these (listed under IDE/EIDE)

If it is working, looking in BIOS setup should tell you, or use Belarc Advisor or System Information for Windows

Get system configuration with the service tag

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The Hd

by niktone In reply to it's an ATA (IDE) drive f ...

The Hard drive is broken it failed and im want to replace it but i cant find it anywhere

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You don't need the exact same drive

by seanferd In reply to The Hd

Just find another laptop drive (2.5") that is an ATA/IDE drive, not SATA. It can obviously use an DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra), so you can use another drive with that specification. Brand should not matter.


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3 Things to Check

by TheChas In reply to The Hd

Here is a link to the ATA laptop drives that Newegg is selling.


While most 2.5" ATA / IDE drives should work in your laptop, you do need to check 3 things:

Drive thickness: Make sure the drive is not too thick for your drive bay.

Drive size: Make sure that the BIOS for the laptop does not have a maximum drive capacity that would make some of the drive unavailable.

Both of the above can be verified at the laptop manufactures support page.

You also need to think about your operating system and hard drive size limits. If your restore disk is for the initial release of Windows XP, you may need to slip-stream at least service pack 1 to be able to use a drive larger than 137 GB.

Speaking of Windows, do you have a rare laptop where you have actual restore disks?

For most systems, the restore files are on a hidden partition of the hard drive.

If you do not have restore disks, you may be able to order them from the manufacture.


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I tried the link it did not work

by niktone In reply to 3 Things to Check

I tried the link it did not work and i checked newegg and geeks for that type of hard drive and i cant find it

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Results Links

by TheChas In reply to I tried the link it did n ...

Yes, search results links sometimes do not work.

This Seagate Momentus 5400.3 drive has the 9.5mm thickness and should physically fit your system.



You still need to verify if the BIOS and your operating system will work with a drive larger than 137GB.


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Link Issue Identified

by TheChas In reply to 3 Things to Check

It looks like Newegg is blocking the use of Tiny URL shortened links.

Many of us here take advantage of Tiny URL so that links are kept short enough to be on 1 line. That way, they do not get broken when clicked on.


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