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Need Help: Event ID 8003 MrxSmb

By Ivan the Terrible ·
I have a Windows 2000 Server (SP4) which is running as a domain controller which logs the below event id in the system log every 1-2 hours.

Event ID 8003 MRxSmb:
The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer "PC Name" that believes that it is the master for the domain on transport NetBT_Tcpip_{C57E9C7D-6B91-4A45-9. The browser is stopping or an election is being forced.

The "PC Name" can be any of our Windows 2000/XP machines on our domain.

I have read a few articles on the internet but none have really helped me understand what the error is, let alone resolve the problem.

One Microsoft article suggested an error with the subnet mask being incorrect. But some of the machines are using DHCP, while others are using static addresses (and they are all using the same subnet mask address.)

Any help would be much appreciated.

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by tamj123 In reply to Need Help: Event ID 8003 ...

it can mean few things:
1. The subnet mask of the Windows 2000 client computer is incorrect or is different from the primary domain controller. The client computer has attempted to promote itself to the master browser of the subnet and has failed.
To Fix: Change the TCP/IP protocol configuration to the correct subnet mask. See MS Q143153 and Microsoft Messages links.

This can also be caused when routers or switches are misconfigured and propagate UDP port 137 and 138 broadcasts. In this case large numbers of event 8003 appear in the event log. Also check MS Q190930 and MS Q135464 for more information.

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by shaun_davies In reply to Need Help: Event ID 8003 ...

does this help?

From a newsgroup post: "I just resolved a similar issue. My IP address and netmask were correct so according to TechNet I should not be getting this error message. I did an "ipconfig /release" followed by a "/renew" and received the 8003 message again. Therefore, I disabled the adapter then enabled it and everything is fine. Did another "ipconfig /release, /renew" and no message came up on the server. Note: This adapter had a static IP configuration at one time when it was connected to another network. Perhaps that was not cleaned up 100% when I changed it to DHCP. Disabling and enabling the adapter seemed to reset the configuration completely".

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by Ivan the Terrible In reply to Need Help: Event ID 8003 ...


Are you saying that when you released/renewed the DHCP IP configuration on the client PC, that the event message 8003 appeared in the system log on the DC?

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by Ivan the Terrible In reply to Need Help: Event ID 8003 ...

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