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okay well, i knew i had a lot of viruses over the past couple of years, but now it's gone to far. my computer got screwed up bad. my backround on my computer is blue, when i open the start menu i can still access my documents, my computer, my pictures, ect.. i just don't have shortcuts on the left. but the thing i need help fixing is when i download something, it downloads fine but when i try & open it, it says reinstall or something. example: i play a card game called Magic the Gathering, i wanted to download something so i could play it online, i download it fine, it's installing & then it says
Error Creating Resistry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/MagicWorkshop
regcreatekeyx failed; code 5
Access is Denied
Click retry to try again, ignore to proceed anyway, or Abort to cancel installation.

but it's not just that program, other programs screw up too.
someone please help, thank you very much

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Personally speaking

by PurpleSkys In reply to NEED HELP FAST!

I would look at backing up all your data and reloading windows.

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Well you have now reached the stage

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to NEED HELP FAST!

Where you are not in control of the system it is running you and letting you do what it wants you to do not the other way around.

Personally if you can not be bothered to keep a clean system you shouldn't be using a computer as you are just contributing to the Massive Bot Army out there attempting to Infect computers and placing yourself in line for Legal Action against yourself for may possible reasons from Copyright Infringement to hosting Kiddy Porn.

I wouldn't even bother with attempting to save any Data I would just wipe the system with Boot & Nuke and then reload and recover for the backup that you don't have. In other words start from scratch ideally with a new system that doesn't have the risk of Hardware Infections which prevent it from being cleaned.


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If you REALLY need that data.....

by bill In reply to NEED HELP FAST!

I had a similar problem with a new customer recently. No matter what virus/malware killer I used, I could not clean that machine. In the end I built a basic XP machine and down loaded as all the Microsoft cleaners from, as well as 3 other virus killers. I then diconnected it from the network and installed the disk drive from the infected machine into a USB caddy and connected it to the newly built standalone machine. I cleaned the USB drive as many times as it took until no viruses were showing on all the virus checkers and then refittedthe cleaned disk back into the original machine. This did the trick as what was happening was the original machine was allowing the virus into memory and then after cleaning the disk, writing it back to disk. The only way to stop this was to stop the infected disk from loading its' operating system and therefore the virus - using the drive as a non bootable USB drive did this and allowed me to kill the viruses. Hope this helps and don't for get to fully wipe/format the standalone machine after..

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Be careful

by a.portman In reply to NEED HELP FAST!

You probably have two issues.

Use system restore to restore your system to a point at least a week, but better a month ago. See if this restores your desktop. If it does not, use a boot cd, I like HiRens, to copy your my documents to a usb drive. HiRens has several AV tools as well. Work the Virus issue.

As to Magic the Gathering, Try this

Right-click on the .exe and choose "Properties."
Then click the "Advanced" button at the bottom of the window that opens.
Check "Run as Administrator".

Some programs require THE ADMINISTRATOR not just an administrator.

Just think of HiRens as BFM, you will be fine.

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