Need help finding a cheap laptop

By raptormoonx ·
Okay. I'm trying to help my parents find a cheap laptop that has Windows XP Pro and can be for general, everyday use (so I don't have to give them my laptop after I buy another one). From what my mom said, it would be for general web browsing and Word Processing/Spreadsheets. Neither of my parents are computer savvy and rely on me to help them out (when I can even though I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world).

The only site that I've found laptops with Windows XP Pro is There are two relatively cheap laptops listed on the site: one for $649 (before customization) that has Windows XP Home Edition and one for $599 with Windows Vista Home Premium. There are a couple of other under $1000 laptops on the site as well, but I haven't had the time to look at them (Biology test tomorrow). Are there any other sites or places that are trustworthy to help me in my quest? Unfortunately, most sites sell only laptops with Vista on them and I wouldn't dare get something like that for them. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!

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You need to try resellers like Tiger Direct

by LarryD4 In reply to Need help finding a cheap ...

Here is a lonovo with XP on it.

Try the reseller chains, like Tiger Direct. they will more than likely have any of the laptops left with XP pre installed.

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TigerDirect. Second that! <n/t>

by 1bn0 In reply to You need to try resellers ...
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If you

by cmiller5400 In reply to Need help finding a cheap ...

If you buy the laptop with Vista ultimate, you can downgrade it to XP Pro. Just be wary that there may not be drivers for the laptop for XP...

Why the strong aversion to Vista? It can be used at home without issue. Business is a horse of a different color...

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My Mom and Dad are on VIsta

by LarryD4 In reply to If you

My Mom and Dad, both retired, have a desktop and a laptop on Vista and crazily they are both quite happy.

But I would be sure to stay with some kind of name brand with support options. Your not always their to help them and having another route for support is always good.

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Inexpensive laptops

by kupplerski1954 In reply to Need help finding a cheap ...

I had success finding an affordable laptop on Ebay. I purchased an Acer Extensa for $595.00 loaded w/ Win Vista Premier...I just saw an Acer Extensa (without the built in web cam like mine) sell for under $400.00.
So my suggestion is try Ebay, and the Acer's are nice units that are affordable.
Hope this helps ya!

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WOW -- and only 6 months late!

by The Scummy One In reply to Inexpensive laptops

should we applaud now?

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Re: 6 months late?

by kupplerski1954 In reply to WOW -- and only 6 months ...

I dun't know what you are talking about, 6 months late?! When I clicked on one article to read, I saw some links underneath, and one was that person's question regarding an inexpensive laptop. I see why you call yourself "The Scummy One". Instead of acting like a snarly little ****, post a helpful answer or shut the **** up.

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You replied to a 6-month-old post ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Re: 6 months late?

You were approaching the realms of a Zombie Digger-Upper.

Quite how you managed to FIND a 6-month-old post is worthy of a round of applause...

...but if you don't/didn't want it, why did you append to it???

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STFU -- applies to you as well

by The Scummy One In reply to Re: 6 months late?

LOL -- must have hit a button with you -- lol.

yes, I can be a snarly pest and a$$hole when it so deserves.
Look at the time stamps on th eother posts before spouting off with STFU -- cause it just makes you look more like a dumba$$ when you reply as such

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Suggestion for cheap laptop

by SofiaMindemann In reply to Need help finding a cheap ...

Hi mate,

Now a days within $100 you will get these decent features with your laptop

processor speed = 2.0Ghz and above
hard disk = minimum 320 GB
RAM = 3GB minimum
Processor type: core 2 duo
wifi etc.....

Now question is what favors you need from your laptop....if it is for normal chatting, home video editing stuff then I guess $700 is enough....Keep your eyes on bargain sites and coupon sites to get a good laptop at great price....

Few sites I know are: (coupon), , ...

hope this will help you....

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