Need help finding older CPU

By jdclyde ·

The motherboard is a 945PL Neo, and above is a link to the supported CPU's that will drop into the board.

Was a learning experience that you have to check for more than the socket type. X-(

I need to find at least ONE CPU that will drop into this MB, and would even take used, but would get two if I can get my hands on it.

I am getting backup parts for a controller system that is used for running some industrial equipment, and the vendor will soak me about $7k for a system if it were to die (again).

I have gone through all of my normal vendors and turned up nothing.



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So the processor you are looking for, is it LGA 775?

I have downloaded the manual and it says that the processor type is of the LGA 775.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please give a thumbs up. Thanks

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If it were only that simple

by jdclyde In reply to So the processor you are ...

I suppose I was not clear enough. The link is to what CPU's are and are not supported.

I BOUGHT a LGA775 processor, but it does not work because the voltage is not the same.

Specifically, I got the E2180, which I THOUGHT would just drop in place, after reading the same thing you did. No deals.

The list is in the original link, but being a few years old, FINDING one is the problem.

I was hoping one of the hardware guys on the site would know about CPU compatibility AND have a source for tracking down a compatible one.

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Something is missing

by jweninger In reply to If it were only that simp ...

Are you sure your motherboard is v2.2? If so the e2180 should work.

If you have v1.x look on ebay or craigslist for one of the supports Pentiums.

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The processor you have should work

What seams to the problem. Does it boot or what?
Could need more info here.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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It won't even post

by jdclyde In reply to The processor you have sh ...

I messed up with the link, and forgot to state the V1.0

very long list of processors, that won't work... damnitallanyways.....

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I will look at my stock of processors

I have a little stock of old processors laying around so i will check. Unless you have found some in the mean time.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Will be trying a few routes

by jdclyde In reply to I will look at my stock o ...

First, going to try the bios chip that Col recommended.

Saw some chips on pricewatch, but have found in this search that many on-line sites list parts they don't really have and you don't find out the truth until about two months after you order.

If you have one of the compatible chips, I would want to keep that option open, but as a last resort. From past experience, the shipping would be as much as the chip. Thanks for the offer, and feel free to peer me if you do have one.


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Perhaps a catch 22?

by IC-IT In reply to If it were only that simp ...

The CPU you bought should work, However you do need at least a flash to Version 5.2 BIOS.

If you could borrow one of the other CPUs (none 5.2 requirement) you could update the BIOS and then swap out the CPUs again. (This presumes that you also have the Version 2.2 Motherboard described in your link).

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PCB and Bios version

by rahouseholder In reply to Need help finding older C ...

What version PCB and Bios do you have? That has a huge determining factor in which CPU is supported.

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More Details about board ( it is Ver1.0 )

by jdclyde In reply to Need help finding older C ...

The board is a
945PL Neo
MS-7236 Ver 1.0

Sorry, I forgot to point at which tab, and the ver1.0 MB is NOT compatible with the E2180. (my bad)

This gets me a little over half way down the list before I start getting compatible CPU's.

I also do not have a CPU that I can drop on this system to try a BIOS update.

Any suggestions on sources to find one of these CPU's?

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