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Need help finding the right equipment

Hello All...

I am going to be setting up a new network in a few weeks. I have always been the one to fix things on an existing network, never to actually setup one up...

Here is the situation.

We are a small public access station moving to our own location.

We need gigabit connectivity between the computers and servers for transferring video.
We have a charter business class cable modem with 8/2 and 5 static IP addresses...
So I have chosen the Linksys SRW2016 as the gigabit switch and DHCP server.

I am having trouble finding a good, reasonably priced router for what I need.

I would like to have VPN, firewall, and the ability to share the internet across the computers. I originalyl was planning on purchasing the Linksys WRVS4400N but read horrible reviews about all of their small business routers.
This is where I need the biggest help. Any recommendations?

Thanks a lot!

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you spend all that $$ and go consumer vendor?

by CG IT In reply to Need help finding the rig ...

Cisco Equipment.... if you buy a $1200 switch business class internet connection and your doing video...why skimp on the router....get a 1800 series ISR

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by TCAPP_BCAST-IT In reply to you spend all that $$ and ...

It is very intimidating to me. I feel like I will not know how to set one of those up.

Which model of the 1800 do you recommend?

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gonna be harsh here.....

by CG IT In reply to intimidating

why are you doing this if you by your own words, infer that you don't know what your doing?

What's the plan?

Planning the network requires you to determine what the needs of the users of the network are. Those needs will then provide performance parameters the network must have to meet user needs. Those performance parameters then are used to determine what equipment you will have to buy so that once completed, you meet the plan.

Note: Users is a generic term. It can mean employees who use computer network resources to do their job or it can mean the average general public Joe or Jane user who accesses a web site. YouTube's network is far different than a medium sized manufacturer of nuts bolts and screws. Both have users and both networks need to be planned for their respective users.

Again, what's the plan?

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Small Media Network

by TCAPP_BCAST-IT In reply to gonna be harsh here.....

It is designed to be a small media network but I also need connectivity to the internet.

The big thing is the gigabit switch. The reason I am iffy about the cisco switch is that i've never used the IOS software before...

If I were to get an 1800, which submodel would be the best choice?

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big thing is a gigabit switch?

by CG IT In reply to Small Media Network

So here's the question. a gigabit switch that has hosts with 10/100 NICs will have what connection?

if your internet connection is ethernet and the ethernet WAN port is 10/100 your going to get what?

So why is the gigabit switch a big thing? That's why I say what's the plan. If you planned it out, then you will know what you need and can choose the appropriate equipment to meet the plan....

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by TCAPP_BCAST-IT In reply to big thing is a gigabit sw ...

The gigabit is for transfer between the computers on the LAN... For example, our editing stations to our video playout server which are all connected via the Gigabit switch. The internet router speed doesn't matter right? 10/100 will be more than plenty to feed internet into the local network correct?

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I have no idea.....

by CG IT In reply to local

because I don't know what the requirements are. That's the point I'm trying to make. There has to be a plan. In that plan are the performance requirements. Hardware is chosen to meet the performance requirements.

Video editing requires horsepower for the editing software. Not necessarily network throughput between editors. Sending large files between computers on the network might require large throughput values but how often is that going to happen? If sending files between computers only happens sporatically, then pricey switches tends to not be economical.

If you have a video payout server where's it paying out to? other workstations? What's the point of a payout server?

My understanding of video creation is that there are many workers working on different parts. Only at the end are those parts put together to make a final product. Each worker works on their portion of the video. Often providing clips to show progress to storyboard outlines. They don't have to send large video files to other workstations unless there is collaboration.

My advice... determine what your performance requirements are for internet access and usage. Obtain equipment that will meed the performance requirements. Cisco makes many different routers to meet many different performance requirements. You can call them and they will go over your requirements and suggest an appropriate router.

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If you have ADSL then this might be of interest to you..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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