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Need help for port forwarding

By chinesehkl ·
Hello guys,
Please anyone could help me? I want to send packets from HostA to HostB at port 1234, but my ISP is blocking all non-standard ports. I have below idea but I don't know if it really can work or not.
1. At RouterA, configure outbound port forwarding to replace destination port to a standard port, for example TCP 110 and HostA send over the packet.
2. ISP firewall allows the transmission as the destination port is a standard TCP 110.
3. At RouterB, configure inbound port forwarding to replace destination port from TCP 110 to TCP 1234 and transfer to HostB

HostA -----< RouterA >----------( ISP )----------< RouterB >-----HostB

Do you think this setup can work?
If yes, anyone can recommend which router I should use? (reasonable price and reliable)
If no, any other solution to send over the packet bypassing my ISP firewall? VPN?
Appreciate for your input.

hkl .

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you can also do a SSH tunnel

by markp24 In reply to Need help for port forwar ...


You can use ssh to connect as well.

(i use winssh and putty or tunnelier)

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Define 'reasonable' :)

by robo_dev In reply to Need help for port forwar ...

In general, a site-to-site VPN consisting of a pair of Cisco VPN concentrators or ASA 5505 boxes would cost a couple grand, but it would run without a hiccup for probably ten years if left alone.

A lower cost alternative, would be something like SonicWall. Juniper or CheckPoint would be about the same cost.

If you have no budget, then OpenVPN or using DDWRT could be used to to create a link using old PC or Linksys router.

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How about just changing the ports the application uses?

by seanferd In reply to Need help for port forwar ...

What you are asking for isn't port forwarding. That would be opening a normally closed port in your own firewall for an application to use.

What you can do is tunnel as markp24 suggests, or you can change the port the application is meant to use, if the app allows. If the you can't change the used port in the app, you can use port redirection on a router or operating system that supports this. Example:

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by chinesehkl In reply to Need help for port forwar ...

ssh tunnelling sounds interesting. OK, I'll try to google around for this. Appreciate if you could share some useful link for ssh.

Cisco product are out of my reach, and I'm not very good in ios commands. may be I'll try sonicwall, if there is no other workable solution. thanks.

sorry for the confusing title. I don't want to chage port the application is listening. My first priority will be port redirection method. Do you have any recommended router (reasonable price)?

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by chinesehkl In reply to Need help for port forwar ...

very very useful info.....I learn a lot from this today.....thank u

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Thanks!!

Thats great to hear! let us knwo if you need more assistance. Please dont forget to select what post answered your question and vote for those that helped too.

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