need help getting my pc to work again.

By solorioeddie ·
I have a pc that a friend built for me about 4 years ago. i went to prison for 19 months and now my pc wont boot up. what should i do. I dont know much about computers so i need someone to kind of walk me through this. theres a lot of pictures and video that i would like to get from this computer..

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Went to prison, did you?

by santeewelding In reply to need help getting my pc t ...

For, lo, these 19 months.

Now, you come here, from there, where you were "supervised".

You look for more of the same?

Start new.

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Possible Solution

by eXploytIT In reply to need help getting my pc t ...

Buy new hard drive, put new OS on it, then plug the old hard drive in after new OS installed on new HD, and you should be able to access all your old files, and your computer will be saved! Probably going to be more complex but it's a start.

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Not knowing

by santeewelding In reply to need help getting my pc t ...

Whether you are young and dumb, or old and stupid, you sound like you only want to resume doing what got you into straits in the first place, as in, pictures and video.

I, for one, would not admit what you admit. I would admit only that I need to put it behind, and be of fresh value to the rest of us -- unless you value only you, and, screw the rest of us.

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how to fix this problem

by technocrat25 In reply to need help getting my pc t ...

1. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly and the power supply switch is on.
2. Make sure all the hardware is seated properly.
3. Check for Beep Codes.
4. Disconnect all non-essential components.
5. Reset CMOS.
6. Check to see that there is a fan plugged into CPU Fan Header.
7. Test the ?on? switch.
8. Make sure standoffs are not shorting out the motherboard.
9. Make sure the heatsink is contacting the core correctly.
10. Swap out parts and test for what is causing the problem.

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Some useful advice

by Jbencsik In reply to how to fix this problem

I don't know what Santeeweld is on about but it sounds like he has an ax to grind as he offered up absolutely zero helpful information.

The guy has a dead computer and would like to retrieve data off it. It doesn't sound all that nefarious.

Of course, more information is needed. When you say this computer doesn't start, do you mean it's not doing anything at all? As if it's not getting power? Or does it start up but all you get is a black screen or something.

Details will get you everywhere.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to fix this problem
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The most obvious thing if this is a Desktop system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to need help getting my pc t ...

And has not been used for a while as apposed to someone trashing the OS is that the BIOS Battery has gone flat and needs replacing.

This is a Coin Battery on the M'Board and is generally a 2032 Type Battery. To replace this you need to remove the cover from the system disconnect any Power Leads that may be plugged in and push the Battery Lock back to allow it to pop up and be removed. Replacement is the opposite of removal but make sure that the new battery goes in so that the Flat Face of the battery faces away from the M'Board.

After the battery is in place plug in the Mains Lead and push the On Button. When prompted press the Specified Key to enter the Setup and set the BIOS to the Performance Defaults and set the Data & Time to current settings. Save the changes as you exit the BIOS and see if it starts now.


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These bozos have no business bothering you

by jordoncomp In reply to need help getting my pc t ...

You did your time. Was anybody using it while you were away? You should at least here or see the initial screen or BIOS Post. If the battery is dead on the board you'll get a message telling you that the CMOS settings have been cleared or something tpo that effect and to enter setup. That can be one of many ways depending on the Company or type of mother board used. If its a no name brand, tapping on the delete key will get you into the bios. Set everything to auto regarding hard drives, if theres no floppy, make sure the floppy drive setting is disabled and try that while it plugged in to the wall (if its a laptop, the main battery may be messed up too).Not all tech guys are as rude as these turds and I'd love to see how well they would do in jail for a few months crying for their mommas. Good luck.

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Still have the chip on your shoulder?

by IC-IT In reply to These bozos have no busin ...

1 person was teasing him
2 offerred helpful advice (3 counting you).
2 others responded to other posters.
what is the old song "well 2 out of 3 ain't bad"
;-) :-)

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