Need help installing display driver against Code 12 resources problem

By helpimagirl ·
My screen display resolution i 600 x 800 and my color quality is currently 4 Bits!! (lowest) After 2 days of stubbornly refusing help the result is I need to kill my computer ..kill myself, or take hostages lol. I aded a new wireless card for my desktop and when i rebooted I could barely read my screen the picture is soo bad and I could not add the driver device manager says i am suddenly missing because when I try to install it I get the Code 12 "there are insufficient resources available to do it and to please free up some available resources to git er done! 2 days of googling this problem has generally had me trying to follow step by step directions (usually to about 1/2 way thru at which time the instructions would not make any sense to me based upon my limited knowledge. The instructions I could not get past dealt with "flashing my bios" and disabling various applications to free up resources and /or IRQ7 being used by two conflicting processes lalala take out my CMOS battery for 5 minutes ... I need my computer to work asap before tomorrow ... I am running XP Pro w/ 1.5 gigs of DDR1 Memory, lots of available HDD, computer has an AMD CPU and the set up here is nothing fancy...The display driver causing me problems is an SiS Display adapter driver. and I have a yellow question mark next to the process in Device mgr ... I don't know exactly what i did to make this happen I just know i hav alot of work to do before tomorrow's meeting ... can anyone help me ....

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Well assuming that the Video was working properly before you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need help installing disp ...

Added the WiFi Card the obvious thing is to now remove the WiFi Card and see if the Video is OK when you restart the system.

If it is Reinstall the WiFi Card and then when it's properly fitted reboot the system. If you have another PCI Slot to fit this to try it in that slot.

If you don't have another location to place it in on this M'Board you need to start Windows open the Device Manager by left clicking on Start then right clicking on My Computer and left click on Proprieties from the Drop Down Menu.

Then when the next Window opens left click on the Hardware Tab and when that opens select Device Manager and left click on that.

When the Device Manager opens locate your WiFi Card and right click on that and then left click on Proprieties from the Drop Down Menu. This should be located under the Network Adapters Heading in the Device Manager.

When the next window opens Left click on the Proprieties Tab. When the next Window Opens left click on the Resources Tab and then untick the Use Automatic Settings Tab and then left click on the Change Settings Button. Then change the IRQ address of this device to something else that is available and when that is done save the changes and reboot the system.


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Thank you ...okay I am going in! Wish me luck!

by helpimagirl In reply to Well assuming that the Vi ...

Thank you! I will be right back

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wow ... video cvard was crystal clear again w/ no wireless card

by helpimagirl In reply to Well assuming that the Vi ...

when i went to change the IRQ he box with the check mark I was supposed to uncheck was not an active button ... (not a plug n play?) what is the way to work around that so I can edit the IRQ #?? you have me so close to a fix please be still awake..

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Use Automatic Settings Tab is locked and I cannot get it to

by helpimagirl In reply to Well assuming that the Vi ...

click the way you told me ...

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OK then you are going to have to do it the hard way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Use Automatic Settings Ta ...

What has happened here is either a IRQ or DMA Conflict, probably a DMA Conflict and you need to either fit the WiFi Card to a different socket.

I know it doesn't sound as if it makes any difference but it really does, Different Sockets on the M'Board use different Addresses so if you have one spare fit this WiFi Card to that and if you do not have one spare you'll need to swap things around till you either exhaust all possible combinations or it works.

If it doesn't work after switching the WiFi Card and any others that you may have fitted you'll need to open the Device Manager again and go through what you have showing there and manually set the DMA & IRQ Addressing. As some devices are locked by the System you will have to look at others that may not appear to be directly connected to things but I would start with the Video Card and if you can change the DMA Addressing there do it. If not you'll have to work your way down the list and change things till your Display starts working again. Only problem here is that after every change you'll need to reboot the system to make sure that the changes have taken effect. Slow & Painful I know but it has to be done that way. :0

However it's always possible that you have got a Incompatible WiFi Card for your hardware. Quite often it is possible that the Chip Set on a Plug In Card doesn't work with the Chip Set of the M'Board. When this happens you have to change the Brand & Chip Set of the Plug in Card. Or in really screwy cases you can use the same Chip Set Plug in card from a different maker and things will work.

While this is not something that I have seen with WiFi Cards they are not things that I use much either as WiFi Networking is too slow and way too insecure for my liking. I much prefer a wired LAN around the place as it's way faster and far more Reliable not to mention Secure that Wireless Networks. In the best case Scenario your neighbor gets a Free Internet Connection through your WiFi Network. Worst case however is that they access some Web Site on a Watched List and you get to explain to the Communications Authorities why you where visiting this site. Bottom Line is it's your LAN and it's your responsibility to make sure that no Illegal Activity is performed on this Local Area Network. If for instance someone access a Kiddy Porn Site through your WiFi LAN you are the one who ends up listed on the Sexual Offenders List or worse.

With Chip Set Incompatibilities I have seen a Video Card prevent a M'Board from Starting to just no usable display. In the last case a Different Video Card from a different Maker but the same Chip Set worked perfectly. While this happens with non Intel Chip Sets on M'Boards predominantly it can happen occasionally with Intel Chip Sets.


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No Combination seems to work

by helpimagirl In reply to OK then you are going to ...

when I am in Device manager and I go to the 'view' where I can see the IRQ assignments for each device I immediately see where the double is ...when I disable the other device in favor of the wireless card or display adapter there is still a resources grab for some reason. I agree with your info on the security of a wireless card. I am out of town in a hotel for 2 weeks and have a lightning fast WiMAX connection / modem at home and bought this lump of junk Cisco "B" wirelsss modem at the local "Free Geeks" 2nd hand computer thrift store

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Then it sounds as if

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No Combination seems to w ...

You have a Device Incompatibility with either the M'Board Chip Set or the OS.

Not much that can be done to cure that unfortunately other than changing the WiFi Card.


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Thank you OH

by helpimagirl In reply to Then it sounds as if
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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you OH

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