Need help narrowing down IDE problem

By firstclassmw ·
This is my first post, so bare with me.

I rebuilt an older computer of mine, but it's not too old. It has 1gb ram, p4 1.8ghz, 300w power supply, 128mb video card, 160gb hard drive.

The problem i'm having is almost identical to this post http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-11184-0.html?forumID=56&threadID=169785 however, it didn't resolve my problem.

Down to the point. When ANY hardware (hard drives, dvd-roms, etc.) are connected to either IDE (primary or secondary) port, they do not power on, but when I remove the IDE cable from the hardware with only the power cable plugged in, it powers on.

Here's what i've tried:
-I have tried a working IDE cable from another computer, but the same thing happens.
-I tried running a more powerful power supply (450w), but the same thing happens.
-I tried running a smaller working hard drive (80gb), but the same thing happens.
-I made sure the orientation of the IDE cable is correct.
-I have verified the jumpers are in the correct setting.

Could this be a motherboard issue? Perhaps the IDE channels are dead or they shorted somehow?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if i'm on the right track.

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Well my first bet would have been the PS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need help narrowing down ...

But as you've change that out I think that you are stuck with a bad M'Board as the only alternative left to you.

If you need to use this machine it's possible to use a PCI to IDE controller card and disable the Onboard IDE Drives in BIOS that may be your only alternative here if you need to keep this unit running.


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Strange but evident failure

by mjd420nova In reply to Need help narrowing down ...

The IDE handler/controller chip is bad. I've seen this happen when the ribbon cables got swapped on the drive, but you checked it right? Something thru the data cable is causing a power supply fault. New drive nor power supply help, has to be the motherboard.

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What main board

by zlitocook In reply to Need help narrowing down ...

Do you have? Can you flash the BIOS and did other drives show up before you upgraded?
Look to the main board maker?s website to see if there are updates. And look to see if there are known problems with the problems you are having.
Look at the manual for the main board to see where the clear CMOS jumpers are and how to use them. After you clear it and reboot dose that help?
Start fresh and remove all parts except the memory and video card if you have one. Boot up and see how it dose.
If you see a screen that shows your computer's set up then you need to go to the next step. Add your hard drive and reboot. This is a step by step process to find a problem at boot up.
There is a card you can buy that will tell you where the boot up process has stoped.

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