Need help networking my Tivo to Windows PC

By sydtom ·
I've connected my Tivo to my Windows 7 PC using a crossover cable, plugged into an ethernet card. I connect to the internet by tethering my iPhone via USB.

I've left everything as dynamic (for both the ethernet adapter and the Apple Mobile Device Ethernet) but Tivo won't connect, it says:

'No DHCP server found (N02)'

Here is what my ipconfig looks like:

I've even tried a static IP on my ethernet card, nothing works.

Am lost as to what to do...can anyone help?

Thank you

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On the 7 unit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need help networking my T ...

Make sure that the Homegroup is enabled and working. Also make sure that you are telling the 7 unit that it connects tot he Internet and that other computers on the network connect to the Internet through it.

Also what's on the Tivo?

You'll need to tell that, that it connects to the Internet through another computer on the Network.


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Still not working...

by sydtom In reply to On the 7 unit

Hi Col,


I had Homegroup turned on but it didn't seem to work either way.

I'm not trying to get anything off the Tivo, I just need the Tivo to have internet access so it can update the guide. I used to live in a place that had wifi, but I've moved out so don't have that option.

On the Apple Mobile Device Ethernet I've set up Internet Connection Sharing. Then on the Tivo, when setting up the network connection I selected 'IP Address - Get automatically from a DHCP server', but then I get 'No DHCP server found (N02)'.

Very frustrating. Do you know what else could be causing this problem?

Thank you

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Well quite simply it can not work that way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Still not working...

I selected 'IP Address - Get automatically from a DHCP server', but then I get 'No DHCP server found (N02)'.

AS there is no DHCP Server it can not possibly get get the necessary Data to start to function.

You need to setup the 7 Unit to interface with the iPhone initially and then setup the Second unit on the Crossover Cable to interface with the first unit the 7 system before it can start to get any Updates.

You really need to setup the Network no matter what here and it doesn't matter if you don't need to share anything except the Internet Connection it's still a Share that needs to be enabled before this can work.

With the 7 unit make sure that it is correctly identifying the iPhone as set this as the Default Device to access the Internet. You'll need to setup the 7 machine to do whatever is required to connect tot he Internet through the iPhone after it is configured as the Default Gateway tot he Internet. So I assume that you'll have to instigate Dialing Rules to allow the Phone to connect tot he Net before a Share can be thought about.


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You may need to simply

by IC-IT In reply to Still not working...

Bridge the connections.
After bridging, set the Address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.

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