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Need help on laptop battery issue...

By snair2 ·
I just recently purchased a used IBM Thinkpad, and the battery could not hold a charge of at least 3 minutes. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any methods that can bring the charge back, without spending alot of money on it.

Thanksin advance for you help.

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Out of luck

by paul.aaron In reply to Need help on laptop batte ...

Usually, once batteries die they cannot be revived. It is like when charging normal batteries. You can only do it so many times until their life runs out. Batteries are fairly cheap anyway and you can always use the power cord!!

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by snair2 In reply to Out of luck

Well you see Paul, I would buy a new battery, if, and only if I had money. You see the price of this laptops particular battery is well over $120, and that is not even the real IBM battery keep in mind, and well the laptop is worth as much as the battery, and so the best and reasonable thing for me to do is use a method of reviving the battery, I am just out of money, and cannot spend money on a battery, which is outlandishly pricey. -Sanjeev Nair

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by Addam Moody In reply to Darn...

As i advise all my customers who are chasing replacement laptop batteries, where money is an issue you can always have the battery repacked. This is always much cheaper than buying a new one, the only problem is this:

Most laptop batteries nowadays use Lithium-Ion Cells. Repackers use Nickel-Cadium cells, i believe this is something to do with patents, something the companies are attempting to rectify, but besides that the only thing is that the repacked battery will have a shorter lifespan than your original one did. but, after it expires again, it can be erpacked again, and hopefully by that time, L-ION cells may be available to repackers. As i am in a different country to you, or at least i assume i am because most of these posts areamerican, I cant give you any phone numbers for repackers, but just be aware that this is an option for you.

Also there's an old-wives tale that freezing the battery in a ziplock bag for a month or two CAN regenerate them, but i really doubt thatthis is true.

Hope this helps you.

Addam Moody
Support Desk Engineer

Note: Any ideas and opinions expressed in any posts by myself may not reflect in any way the standpoint of ComputerCORP.

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Thanks Addam.

by snair2 In reply to Repack

Hey Addam thanks for the help, your post sounds reasonable enough to try and possibly work. I will be looking for repackers thanks to your post.

Oh, by the way, is it true that if you have a ni-cad battery, that if a person constantly drain the battery to 0% and recharge to a full 100% and constantly do that, will the battery gain it's charge?

-Sanjeev Nair

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nicad recharge

by techrepublic In reply to Thanks Addam.

NiCad batteries have a 'memory'. If you use them and keep them charged to say, 40%, when it recharges it will only go back to 40%. That's why every so often it is good to drain the battery to 0%, then recharge. One way to drain it is to put it on battery (only - no cord) and do some hard drive activity to run it down.

When you recharge, the first time from 0% it will fill partially, then next recharge more, and about the third time, should hit/pass the 'memory' mark. After that it should getto as much as you can. You will need to start over again after a while, epending on use.

BTW - the freezer trick doesn't RECHARGE, but a new battery WILL keep longer that way (year or so), just remember to let it thaw to room temp before using it.

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