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Need Help on this - Quite Urgent?

By Gaurav_Bhatia ·
Hi I want to know if I can edit data present in Excel 2007 file, which is sent to me as an attachment in an email and is there in my Outlook (2007) mail box.

In case I edit the data in excel file (in the inbox) and forward it to others. Will the excel file, that is sent to others, include edited data or original data?

Also, if the excel file will include edited data - Is there a way through which the original data can be traced?

Another Question is: Is it possible to identify whether a particular Outlook 2007 e-mail communication, forwarded to me, is a genuine e-mail or not?

Any help from you guys can help me save my Career!


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by PurpleSkys In reply to Need Help on this - Quite ...

and long as you save the excel file first, make changes to it, save the changes then forward on to whomever. As for the email, right click it in your inbox and go to "message options", in there it should tell you where it came from.

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Need more clarity

by Gaurav_Bhatia In reply to Need Help on this - Quite ...

Hi Thanks for this, but I think it is still not clear. Let me explain again:

I recieve an attachment in email from some one in my Microsoft Outlook 2007 inbox.

Now I open the attached excel sent to me and do not save it at any location.

While the excel is open, I make some changes to the data in it and press Ctrl+S and close the excel (attachment).

Now when I re-open the excel in the inbox, it does show the modified data; however, if I send it to others WILL it show the modified data or not?

Regarding the e-Mail: I recieve an e-mail from someone, who has forwarded an e-mail communication between two other people to me. Now I want to check whether that communication actually took place or not.

Let me be more precise: A communication occure between A and B over the e-mail. Now this communication mail was forwarded by C to me. I want to check the validity of the communication between A and B. Is there a way through which it is possible?

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try asking the other folks

by PurpleSkys In reply to Need Help on this - Quite ...

who supposedly passed on the email? Is their email address in the address line from the person that forwarded it to you?

As for the excel data, yes, it should save and be there when forwarded. Although my personal preference would be to save it off to my desktop, make changes, then forward it on. Saves the confusion on whether or not the data actually saved properly.

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by Gaurav_Bhatia In reply to Need Help on this - Quite ...

I completely agree that excel should be downloaded and then necessary changes shoud be made and then it should be forwarded to others. My query was primarily to resolve an ongoing issue in my company.

Also, the email address of the person is not visible - only the name of the person is visible.

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you're welcome

by PurpleSkys In reply to Thanks!!

if you're trying to just forward it back to said folks, try reply all, see if that works

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