Need Help Please. LAN Router, etc problem.

By hutanami ·
Hi all,

I am New bie. I need Help.

2 months ago, my connection still good.
but accidentally I dont know how&why, I cant surf anymore. Even ping command resolve nothing.

Here the Spesific :
ISP goes to ---> bandwith retailer (WARNET in indonesia) ---> WARNET distribute bandwith by Router and Wireless into user ---> user receive by hub ---> from hub by cable connect PC01 at Ethernet 1

PC01 from Ethernet 2---> by cable connect to PC02 at Ethernet 3

PC01 = Windows XP ; IPv6 not install
Ethernet1 IP ( Sub ( Gateway ( DNS (
Ethernet2 IP ( Sub (

PC02 = Windows XP ; IPv6 not install
Ethernet3 IP ( Sub ( Gateway DNS (

Why I can not connect surfing internet from PC02 ????
How to check/fix/setting this problem.

Please teach me.


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hm... from what I can see

by ---TK--- In reply to Need Help Please. LAN Rou ...

well.... its a little confusing but ill take a stab at it.... from your description it looks like you are dazy chaining your PC's... try and ping PC01 with PC02.... if you dont get a response, my first guess is that Ethernet cable is wrong... if you are connecting 2 PC's up directly you will need a cross over cable... second you will need to set up PC01 up so it will allow PC02 to pass through it... you could share out the connection, or bridge the connections... there are a few different ways... If this is the case I would recommend buying a router with a 4 port switch built in... then just plug in PC02 into the switch... along with PC01.... it should be plug and play out of the box....

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2 month with no problem

by hutanami In reply to hm... from what I can see

thankyou tkrl26@...

Yes, I have share the LAN-2 connection on Ethernet-2 on PC01.
(I have seen a hand in the Icon as icon for Sharing)

Beside, I had been use this model 2 months.
Yes, I use cross-over cable RJ45 on PC01 into PC02.

I dont now where to go.
I think buying hub is not Solution.
Because in past, I have succeed to surfing (and also without bridging the connection).

Few days before, i try to use IPv6.
I am too stupid, so I can not remember exactly I did that time. BUT I have uninstall it both on my PC01 and PC02.

So, how can I seek further solution.
Please assist me.


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Internet Connection Sharing

by Choppit In reply to Need Help Please. LAN Rou ...

I'd say your internet connection sharing service (or whatever it's called these days) is misconfigured or not running on PC01. In any case a home router would provide a more reliable solution.

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is there a command cmd???

by hutanami In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

thankyou choppit.

is there a command to run in cmd prompt,
such netsh, or ipconfig, which I can dump output to text, so we can see, <i> <b> do i share the ethernet 2 or not yet <b> <i>;
because I have re-checked that the Share setting in advance tab has been Checked.

Please give me further option.


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