Need help printing excel portrait on vista.

By eatuisng ·
I have a problem printing my ms excel 2003 and 2007 doc's in landscape type on my Samsung SCX 4100. Here are the details; I installed the printer in Windows Server Enterprise 2003 setup as a shared printer, security was set for Everyone with full access (check Manage Printers, Manage Documents and Special Permissions) and add the printer (a shared printer) to every desktop with Windows XP OS, test print and its working fine, also with excel portrait and landscape type I don't see any problem.

Here is the problem I had a laptop (Sony), I added the shared printer Samsung SCX 4100 which is installed in WS2003, print test and its working fine, the problem is when I try to print my doc's on excel with the orientation 'landscape' it always prints in a 'portrait type' but when I connect the printer and installed locally to the laptop I don't encounter any problem, same thing happen when I setup a desktop using Windows Vista can't print output to 'landscape type' when I use the shared printer.

Any suggestions will do. Thanks in advance.

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need to ask

by vashz In reply to Need help printing excel ...

What do you mean installing as network printer? Is it as shared printer or network printer with IP address? If its shared printer,is the printer capable to setup as network printer with ip address using jetdirect if?

If setting an IP is not posible, is setting the printing preferences orientation to landscape not working?

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shared printer

by eatuisng In reply to need to ask

a shared printer installed in windows server 2003.

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Have you tried....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to shared printer

... installing Vista drivers for the printer on the computers that are running Vista instead of just connecting to the printer and allowing 2003 to serve up the wrong drivers?

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already tried it

by eatuisng In reply to Have you tried....

I already tried installing the printer driver on laptop running vista also downloaded the newer version release of the driver for vista os but still got same error. (cant seems to print output an orientation landscape type when i print via network, connecting it directly to the laptop is working fine, the only problem is when i try to print an orientation landscape in my excel file(ms office2003&2007) using the shared printer installed in WS2003.

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Solve the problem

by yahya_jogja In reply to Need help printing excel ...

I have same trouble and I use Samsung SCX-4200 Driver for Vista and It work.

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