Need help reinstalling Windows XP

By petryss ·
I replaced my old 40 GB hard drive with a 320GB Western Digital IEDE PATA which the old was PATA IEDE as well.
I have the reinstall disc but don't quite know where to go from here.

Any help would be appreciated

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Well the very first thing you'll need to know is that the system

by OH Smeg In reply to Need help reinstalling Wi ...

Is capable of using the new HDD. With IDE or PATA Drives you have a upper Limit supported by the BIOS and to be perfectly honest moving from 40 to 320 may be too big a step.

What you need to do is after fitting the drive enter the BIOS when you turn on the System. At the POST Screen you'll be prompted to Press a Key which will be listed to Enter Setup and you need to do this. When the First Blue Screen Opens using the Arrow Keys on the Keyboard navigate to the Settings Screen and make sure that the HDD is correctly Identified. This is generally the first screen to appear but depending on the hardware maker yours may be different.

if it's not showing as a 320 GIG Drive or not showing at all you have a problem which is not easy to work around.

If it's correctly identifying the HDD go tot he Last Screen Listing and save the changes as you exit the BIOS so that the computer knows that it has a new bigger HDD in it and then drop the reinstall Disc into the Optical Drive and follow the prompts.


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XP Install

by gjcooper In reply to Need help reinstalling Wi ...

1. boot to bios - check you can see all the disk drive.
2. Boot from CD. By default it will select the entire drive for 1 partition. If you want split partitions - do it NOW. Select the size for C: and full format it (go and have a sandwich and a coffee...)
3. It will load files to the drive after formatting - and re-boot. DO NOT REMOVE THE CD.
4. Installation will continue with the usual input of serial number, country, language etc.
**warning** XP does not carry a lot of drivers in the install..especially ethernet. Make sure you have all the hardware drivers ready on a CD or ZIP drive to use after the install is complete.

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