Need help removing Printers from Active Directory

By psingleton ·
We had a server crash that in addition to being a storage server, was also out print server. All is back up and I am now in the cleanup phase making things in AD pretty again. The problem I have is that when the server went down, I was not able to remove the servers installed through it. When looking in AD, I don't see them. However when I go to add a computer from any computer on the network, they still show up in the list.

What can I do to remove these printers from the list?

I have installed them on the new print server, but still have the issue above.

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log in script?

by ---TK--- In reply to Need help removing Printe ...

Often times people will create a log in script to add printers to users PC's, just to make it easier for them.

I would check the log in scripts first... and maybe GPO's... This is just a shot in the dark...

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by psingleton In reply to log in script?

I've checked these with no luck, I know it is probably some small thing in AD that I have overlooked, but here's hoping someone knows.

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what type of printer network? and were they published

by CG IT In reply to Checked

in Active Directory?

If they were not published in Active Directory and are printers connected to workstations, then you can simply remove them from the printers group on each local machine.

If the printers are published in Active Directory, then you use the print management in administrative tools to remove printers.

If you have orphaned objects in the queue, then make sure the everyone group is allowed print access. This will allow the printer prune service to get rid of them.

Suggest you go to Microsoft Technet and do a search for articles on Print services in Active Directory. Lots of articles on orphaned objects such as printers or print queues.

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