Need help setting up a VPN on Server 2008 R2

By ditchmagnet ·
I have tried following a guide:

But I am able to create a connection from a client. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

My router is a DIR-655, and I think I have it configured correctly.

Here is the error the server records when I try to connect:
"The user DOMAIN\administrator connected to port VPN3-127 has been disconnected because no network protocols were successfully negotiated.

Please help, or tell me what other information I should provide.

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It's probably your router

by robo_dev In reply to Need help setting up a VP ...
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Under ALG configuration

by ditchmagnet In reply to It's probably your router

I have IPSec (VPN) checked, and I also added protocol 4 to the virtual server list (47 is also on the virtual server list). Still not working.

I haven't setup and CA or anything. That was not in any guide I found. Do I need to do that?

I have just put the computer in the DMZ and it still will not work.

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What router ports do you have forwarded?

by robo_dev In reply to Under ALG configuration

PPTP Ping Test Tool is useful:

I would assume that the client is not getting far enough to get an IP address?

Make sure personal firewalls are not an issue on server or client.

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Ports list and PPTP tool results

by ditchmagnet In reply to What router ports do you ...

The server has a static IP of

All ports listed are forwarded to the server.

PPTP - 1723 (TCP)

L2TP - 1701 (UDP)

GRE - (no ports) Protocol 47

IPSec - 500 (UDP)

GRE? - (no ports) Protocol 4

I will try that PPTP tool next. My router at home allows me to create a VPN connection to my laptop from my netbook. Maybe I will try my home router (wrt54g running DD-WRT) in the dlinks place and see what happens.

I am running the PPTP tool, and it is just stuck at "Listening on PROTOCOL 47 for incoming GRE packets..."

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