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need help setting up subdomains

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I recently put up a server in my office to play with. ( - my personal web site.) Everything runs fine on the box, but I need some help tidying up the email.

the email server is and works fine for outlook, et. al. BUT... if I want to use the webmail function, I have to go to EXACTLY: "". If I leave off the http:// it says "page cannot be displayed". Of course without the port number it displays the web page.

I want to be able to point my users at a simple address that's easy to remember and doesn't require any special things like the port number or the "http://" command. Ideally I'd like to point them at "" or something like that. I would be more interested in pointing to as well, as that would make it even easier to remember and use. I know that there is SOME way to configure "mail.*" to be used for BOTH webmail and pop mail, as many of my other accounts on various (professionally hosted) servers can do this.

I am running the Code-Crafters professional registered suite of server software, winbloze XP Pro SP2, and I have 7 domains currently. I have full control over the DNS records A, MX, and CNAME. my blinged-out homebrew server is an Athlon xp 2800, has 2gigs of ram, and 680 gigs of storage in various raid arrays that I threw together from various parts lying about.

I am also running some other servers that take up ports, which is why I have configured webmail on 8000.

Router/Firewall is Netgear FVS318.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.

BTW, feel free to browse the website. It's just my little bit of the infinite internet.



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by BFilmFan In reply to need help setting up subd ...

You have it set up right Aaron. I just checked and I am able to see Ability Mail Server Login at

Now your user's may have some DNS issues, but it isn't on your side.

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by a In reply to

Read the question.

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by a In reply to need help setting up subd ...

BFF, I know it works with the setup I mentioned above... what I need is to figure out how to resolve "" to "" such that I don't have to explain to users that they actually need to TYPE IN "http://" and remember the port number.

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by jschein In reply to need help setting up subd ...

Using a Netgear FVS318... So, you're a small business - mid size business using cable / dsl and not frame relay with csu/dsu's and switches...

After looking at your site, it seems this is not business, but a very personal website hosted on your computer in your house.

But anywho, to answer your simple question... You must configure your ROUTER to ROUTE anything from webmail.****.*** or port 8000 to the i.p. address of your web server. And have your web server running on that port.

Nothing much more than that.

However, be advised... Running a personal web server with e-mail and the like on a cable or dsl home user package is grounds for cancellation of service by your isp.

Good luck.

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by a In reply to

Whatever I choose to host, and how and when I do it, is not the topic of this post. If you had READ my post, you'd see that I have put the web server up IN MY OFFICE to give me a "test box" to enhance my knowledge on, without affecting my business systems. READ what I have written. BTW, just because I have a Netgear router, you cannot ASSUME that I have a cable modem or dsl. In fact I have a redundant T-1 connection and several other methods of connection, including a cable modem that DOES IN FACT allow me to have as many servers as I want. AGAIN, as I said, this is a TEST BOX which I have set up in my office.

Answers like yours are EXACTLY the reason I don't participate in these forums.

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by a In reply to need help setting up subd ...

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