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need help sharing network printer

By millhouselives ·

Trying to help my brother share printer on his small home network.
The equipment is as follows:

One HP Laserjet 1320
One Sony Vaio Laptop with XP home
One Dell desktop with Windows 98SE
One Linksys wireless router Model BEFW11S4

Both computers are hardwired via CAT5 to the router. We are not concerned at this point with wireless. Both computers can connect to the Internet. Printer is shared on the Win98 computer. Both computers are in same workgroup.

What we would like to do is be able to print to the HP Laserjet 1320 from the two computers.

Right now the HPLasejet 1320 printer is connected to the desktop using a parallel cable. The desktop is Win98SE.

When we try and get the laptop to add the printer
by using the add printer option we get as far as the laptop finding the "Microsoft Network" but then when click on that it does not fine printer.

Now from the laptop (XP home) I can ping both the router and the desktop, from the desktop I can ping the router but NOT the laptop.

So the only we we can print to the HP is by using a USB cable from the HP printer to the then finds printer and will print. We could live with this solution, but when we do this for some reason the Win98SE desktop then loses its abiltiy to print to the HP printer.

I do have file and print sharing on both computers turned on.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.

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by In reply to need help sharing network ...


Sounds like you've done everything correctly and it should be working.

Longshot Question: You have file nad print sharing on. But, did you specifically share the printer on the Windows 98 machine?

Action: When you try to add a network printer to the laptop, try entering the name of the printer instead of browsing for it as below. I've observed that sometimes browsing does not work but the printer share connection can be established directly like this:


Does this help?

Best Regards,

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
Advanced pro bono tools and utilities free for personal use

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by dustyD In reply to need help sharing network ...

How are the PC and the laptop getting their IP addresses? DHCP from the router? Make sure that the laptop is connected to the router when turned on, and that you are not turning on, then connecting in order to print.

Otherwise, ans 1 should be of help.

You are of course trying to print when the PC is turned on , right? I had to ask.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to need help sharing network ...


Check that the printer in the W98 computer has been shared. If it has a hand will be on the icon.
If not it needs to be shared.

Have you loaded XP drivers in the XP computer when you installed the printer?

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by millhouselives In reply to need help sharing network ...

Thanks, I hope to be able to get back to location of my brother either this Monday or Tuesday. I will let you know what happens. Yes I have printer shared on win98 machine. I will try adding printer name instead of browsing for it.

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by carlos.nino In reply to need help sharing network ...

Apart fron the above answers, you comment that pinging from the 98 machine to the XP machine fails. Check to see if the XP machine has a firewall installed and that the proper permissions have veen given. Your XP machine could be in "stealth" mode.

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by cvjack In reply to need help sharing network ...

First make sure the name of the workgroup is the same for both computers. Win98 used WORKGROUP and WinXP uses MSHOME - it doesn't matter what the name of the workgroup is as long as it's the same for both computers. Second, go to the Printers window on the Win98 machine and make sure the printer is shared - right-click, properties. If that's okay, turn off the firewall on the WinXP machine, restart it then try to add the printer again. You should be good to go.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to need help sharing network ...

man, you guys are ingenious. I bet you have everything right. I wonder if this is bug in win98/winxp. do you have an account on the xp box with same username and password as win98 box uses to login? did you use the network setup wizard floppy created in winxp to setup the win98 box? if not, try it?
have you tried turning off xp firewall
just for informational value, have you tried sharing printer physically connected to the xp box.
does printer have nic?

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by millhouselives In reply to need help sharing network ...

Thank you all...have not been able to get back to my brothers really hope too this weekend. I really appreciate all the responses and I will report back to you all after I get to his computers and try some of the suggestions.
thanks again...

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by edwerg In reply to need help sharing network ...

I had the same problem with a multi-server 500+ computer network. Whenever I shared a local printer on a win '95 machine, none of the win 2k's could see it or print to it. There was no fix for it, I contacted Microsoft and they confirmed that it would not work. It sounds like you have run into the same problem, I am sorry to tell you but the best thing for you to do is to upgrade the win 98 to win 2k or xp.

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by millhouselives In reply to need help sharing network ...

Just curious anybody else have the same problem as edwerg! He mentions win95 and win2k having compatiability problems. I have win98 and winxp issue. Does someone have w98 and winxp on network sharing printers? I plan to work on this issue this weekend and if edwerg is correct, sounds like I would be wasting my time. edwerg..upgrading is not an option right is underpowered for xp.

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